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  1. Dan Holzschuh
    Dan Holzschuh
    Would a 1961 SG LesPaul standard have Pat# pickups? I thought it would have PAF labels. Im on the fence weather or not to buy for $9200
  2. Dan Holzschuh
    Dan Holzschuh
    I am about to buy a 1961 SG Lespaul standard with Pat# pups. Are they original? I thought it would have PAF.
  3. Warren Doudle
    Warren Doudle
    Hi I’m Warren can anyone out there know how I can get COA for two of my Angus Young’s SGs as both of them are collectors it’s. Cheers thanks
  4. George Monaco
    George Monaco
    i am looking for an Epiphone SG Custom 3 pickup in cream/white from 1997-2000 MIK.
  5. sazista
    sazista doveman
    Hi. I was looking for your 490 vs '59 comparison vid. Is it still available? I'm thinking of changing my 490s (which I love) for a '59 zebra, because it is available, and a 490T and 490R are not available here in Chile with 4 conductor cables. Let me know. thanks.
  6. sazista
    490 replacement
  7. Eugen T
    Eugen T
    SG Junior, the better SG. the neck joinz is deep, but all the tailpieces suck. i developd something new and different.
  8. Eugen T
    Eugen T
    Hi Mates , bonny lads and Sg Lovers.
  9. MR D
    MR D
  10. Slimongelli
    Looking for the SG Tweedy model for my fiancé. Would love to surprise him as wedding gift..yes, my wishes are grand...but I am hopeful!
  11. Garrett Stimson
  12. joseph
    joseph blackat
    Is this how you sick down and out losers get your thrills? Placing ads for guitars you WISH you had? You need to grow up.always an AH in the bunch
  13. joseph
    joseph blackat
    Hi black at,wow that’s funny ,your my age! I’ll buy your SG GOTW.can you so $1100.00 shipped to Long Island,ny.consider it SOLD! Thanks.joey
  14. Patrick Smeets
    Patrick Smeets
    Happy that I just found this Ibanez 2354S from 1973 (around that time)
  15. Velhotedocarmo
    61’ , 4003, Ranger, Triumph, R9
  16. Roy Snyder
    Roy Snyder
    also switch plate ring, and black/chrome knobs, had a bixby,would'nt stay in tune, saved it, put the stop tailpiece one's tough as nails!!
  17. Roy Snyder
    Roy Snyder
    this is my "74" had custom pick guard made, along with the bell nut cover, we been thru some tough ****,
  18. Jono Rezzillo
    Jono Rezzillo
    Jaydee Custom Telecaster 70s made in Birmingham by John Diggens.
  19. Chips
    anyone knows has a serious thought as to what he was trying to achieve. Surely the jokes will be fun but I am looking for some old knowledge
  20. Chips
    It would have been in the 70's that it was attempted. I may try to semi fix this for the fun of it but mostly I'd like to see if anyone