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    What Is It With "Les Paul Guys?"

    Nice thread... Yeah.. but I guess it's not about the ownership of a specific type of guitar... It's about a specific type of people who like to brag about their "expensive" stuffs... It can be guitars, cars, homes, etc...
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    **** 4 Tat

    "Thanks" option for useful thread would... I guess it's a nice one to have...
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    15 Iconic SG players

    The 15 Iconic SG players : 15 Iconic SG Players
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    Your favorite Gibson SG players ?

    Who is your favorite Gibson SG player ? My favorite Gibson SG player is Angus Young... :)
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    Hello from Dallas Texas!

    I'm new here too... welcome ! :thumb:
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    From Les Paul to SG ...

    Hello, I am a regular member of MLP forum and I found this cool forum from referral... It is a cool forum indeed ! Very glad to meet y'all !! :)
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    I pulled the trigger and got me a '62 SG/LP

    You make me jealous.... sweet guitar ! Congratssss.... !

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