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    My new P90 don’t fit… help !

    My favorite P-90 pickups are are the Fleor.... I dare you to search for them..... be shocked by the price.... not even sure if they are still made.. the ones available and that I have received look to be old stock by the packaging.
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    My new P90 don’t fit… help !

    Yikes! I just looked up how much a set of those pickups are! they should fit at that price. are the base plates in the way or just the plastic corners? I’d maybe heat or file the corners. I have the 18 special too, and while the minis read hot, I didn’t find them particularly offensive…...
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    Saw ZZ Top Last Night and Have a Question

    Albert King had a flying V with an open book headstock.... coincidence? I think not....
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    Mods Please delete

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    Why fingerboard binding?

    It looks nice, that said I don’t have many geetars with it.
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    If the SG never existed...

    Well ****…
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    Show Us Your Basses

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    Show Us Your Basses

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    Okay. Maybe I’m nuts or being stupid.

    The more **** you replace, the more “upgraded“ your geetar is.
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    Best aftermarket saddle?

    so buying replacement parts instead of the proper tools is always a good idea
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    I Moved My Strap Button!

    Looks like a top notch job, make it comfortable to play. Other than flush mounts, I prefer those Dunlop buttons. I don't always use them with the locks.
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    Gold SG with Dual Dogear P90's

    Cool guitar, no clue what it might be. definItaly an awesome underrated LA band. and I fucking love skinny freaky chicks, if I still lived there I would make her mine… oh yes, she would be mine…
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    My true #1 and this week’s favorite..

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