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    2014 Gibson SGJ's finish

    this is after a few hours i owned my 70s tribute. I want thin nitro though just for the reason it wears in better naturally. The Fender poly-nitro goop sandwich is a bit of a sham: the nitro on top wears away but the poly underneath wont so you get chips but the wood wont darken underneath...
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    Billy Gibbons on an SG

    yes pretty cool. LFDH is a great series
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    It Must Be The Weather Or A Novice Wood Finisher

    that looks like its 50 years old
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    Whats Wrong With This Pic?

    fwiw the japanese dont make any reissues technically so they can get things worng
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    Decent pictures and a review of my 2007 GOTW#26

    did someone say SG and Tele? :applause:
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    Classic guys need P90 height help

    in my experience p90s like to be really close to the strings. if you are worried about stratitis do this: (raise the pickup until its almost touching the strings, while playing through a dirty amp lower the pickup until a note at the 12th fret low E doesnt oscillate. (this puts the pickup as...
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    Decent pictures and a review of my 2007 GOTW#26

    sweet! I tried buying the GOTW 67 SG with p90s but after I placed my order (american musical) a few days later it kicked it back-sold out. :( I wish Gibson would do a run like that again
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    Whats Wrong With This Pic?

    i got it! there is no naked scott grove in the middle
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    Whats Wrong With This Pic?

    the esquire has an 8 hole guard dating it to 1959 yet the color is 2 tone burst dating it to 1954 its an anachronism-should be either 3 tone burst, or 5 hole guard also has brass saddles not steel
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    merry xmas!!!!

    happy holidays to all you double horned slinging bastads!!!! let us all bring the rock this new upcoming year!!! :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
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    Gibson paint finish quality worries.

    yeah that sucks...should have kept the first one.
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    How Can They Sell Them So Cheaply?

    epiphone isnt the same as squier, or MIM fender or fender japan mainly because of the headstock shape which isnt the same as Gibson. They kind of shoot themselves in the foot by having an epiphone line IMO. Epis are there own thing and good guitars they should seperate themselves from them...
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    How Can They Sell Them So Cheaply?

    HenryJ knows what hes doing. :dunno: Henry selling cheaper Made in USA guitars than Fender is something I thought Id never see. Brilliant! makes sense too, as Gibson cannot compete with the excellent Squire CV/C line which are, more or less as good as any USA Fender, not to mention the MIM...
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    Is my guard bakelite?

    huge difference to when i got it, it had a perfect 90 degrees angle...didnt look anything like a real guard. :fingersx:
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    Post your SG family pic!

    since youre selling things ill take the vibroverb

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