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    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    JW is just absolutely gorgeous! I still think that Rush Hour is one of the best unheralded trax of the 80s.
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    Guitar Warehouse speakers

    Love WGS!
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    2019 Gibson SG Jr. wiring ?

    I called Gibson customer service & the very kind gentleman informed me that the pots are indeed 500k. :smile:
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    Sell a Gibson, buy an Epiphone

    In regards to the OPs title, nope... :facepalm:
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    2019 Gibson SG Jr. wiring ?

    I just purchased a 2019 SG Jr. Being curious, i removed the back cover. Everything looks in order. There is a volume & tone marked Gibson plus a 223 orange drop cap. My ? is, are they both 500k pots? Cant measure said pots without disassembly, which I'm not willing to do. Would anyone happen...
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    2019 SG Jr. !

    I tried to do so, but the site won't let me upload pics. File size too large. :(
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    Picking with just thumb and forefinger

    The OP is referring to " Travis " picking. :cool:
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    2019 SG Jr. !

    I just purchased a 2019 SG Jr. This is my first SG & my second Gibby electric in decades of playing. Have to admit, ergonomically, the SG body style is quite different from what I'm used to (Fender) , but so far, I'm diggin' it! :dude:
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    Hello from KY!

    Hello, Just bought an SG for the first time & thought I'd join. Hope everyone is well.

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