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    Epi SGs and String Choices

    I'm a lefty who plays right handed, so I never found them too hard to handle, just decided to check out the lighter side for a while. I've got Rotosound stainless steel 9s on the tele and strat.
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    Epi SGs and String Choices

    Not 7s, but I use a custom set of light 8s on my Epi SG. Since I had 13s with a wound 3rd on it at one point, it definitely made me lighten my touch and re-evaluate my playing style on it.
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    Les Paul gives me what?

    The only thing a Les Paul ever gave me was the desire to pick up something that isn't a Les Paul. Beautiful guitars, sound great in the right hands. But I've determined, over the years, that those hands just aren't mine.:D
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    Chibsons are getting too good...

    What's kind of funny, yet sad, is that there are probably people out there who trash talk Squier and Epiphone as "cheap junk", yet buy fakes that probably come out of the very same factories because it has "The Right Name" on it.
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    Chibsons are getting too good...

    Outside of people who have bought one to review, or do "how to spot a fake" videos, they seem to be cashing in on people who want the name, but won't or can't buy the real deal. Thing is, these don't seem to be terrible guitars, so they could probably still sell plenty,under a different name...
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    Build a pickup?

    Once you build some, the next question is: To pot them or not to pot them. And how...........
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    Is the SG Popular?

    SGs are quite popular with me. I've tried, but I just don't like Les Pauls.......:shock::D
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    Build a pickup?

    Biddlin covered it for you pretty well.:smile: With the right stuff on hand, building traditional single coils is pretty straight forward. Mechanically, they're just not that complex. Haven't done the basses yet, but all three of my six strings have pickups I built.
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    The bond with your instrument(s)...

    What's fun is when a lefty shoots a right ported semi-auto and get smacked in the face with a hot shell casing! Didn't take me long to stop being left-handed with those,either............:D
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    The bond with your instrument(s)...

    What's funny is that, while my writing and catch/throw instinct is left handed, many other common tasks I've always performed right handed without thought. Where left handed tools and implements DO exist, I've never felt the need to use them. And, even though it's a bit sloppier from lack of...
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    The bond with your instrument(s)...

    I suppose that's where it's different for some lefties vs others. Long before I was playing myself, I was exposed to those of my relatives who played. All righty, so I just assumed that's how everyone played. Never thought once about handedness. When they gave me my first guitar, I never felt...
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    The bond with your instrument(s)...

    I'm left handed, but have never played that way a day in my life. Growing up in a small place, with every other player in my family being right handed, I just learned as I saw. Never knew any different. For years, I didn't even know left handed guitars existed...... I tend to be the same. I...
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    Have you ever put 13s on an Epiphone SG?

    Yes, I've done it. Nothing tore off. Didn't seem to bother the guitar at all. Of course the whole setup had to be adjusted for big strings, which is to be expected, but it worked fine for me.
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    Watch out for this scammer

    Should be more like $3.56...................
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    First SG: some mods questions

    As far as the nut goes, it depends on whether or not you're having tuning stability issues. On mine, I was, badly. I probably could have cleaned up and lubed the plastic nut to make that go away, but I wanted the aesthetics of a black nut anyway, so I put the black Tusq XL on it. No problems since.

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