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    Thanks BG!

    Had a '68 Malibu (that I got from my mom) just out of High School in the mid 70s. Loved that car - had a 8 track and of course, that's a nothing but a big tape loop:smile: (wish I had that car today)
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    Thanks BG!

    And, there you have it! Indeed, enjoyed the conversation! Plus sharing common interests and of course talking a bit about guitars, amps and various other snares, distractions and ways to avoid the local hoosegow erstwhile engaged in planning the next jaunt to the aforementioned 'dens of...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    John, outstanding, especially the bit about emailing a copy to your wife with the value and instructions on how to sell them!!! I'm going through a scenario with a sibling who passed (quite unexpectedly) and now I am going through their stuff (AND my Parents stuff that they had NOT settled AND...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    Jvin, Brilliant! That makes it easier when it goes into the shop - especially when gig traveling out of the 'hood'. After 40 years of giggin' - like probably many of y'all - I've picked up some rudimentary maintenance and repair skills; but, I do have some guys here in Orlando that have been...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    John, I feel ya, remember well my first programing - BASIC on punch cards - one line of code per card ;-) There is nothing like the feel of real paper crinkling in the fingers, both as a tangible asset and as a visceral reminder of all of the things that you've done or places you've gone (my...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    JJ, like the idea of updated estimate of value ... my update log is small enough that it fits in the box with all my new strings (that I have purchased in bulk)... thanks, -Rick
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    D man, nothing satisfies the "laws of parsimony" as simply as a blank piece of paper and pencil - AND it works without electricity ;-) not trying to "Rube Goldberg it"; but, thinking something a little more digital would be easier (for me) and way less messy :smile: And then there is the bit...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    Break out that big money "daddy O" :cheers:
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    WavMixer, :smile: I hear ya! I kind of tossed off the idea of doing something commercially in that vein... when I saw iPhone apps of this nature selling for 1.99 - will take lots of sales volume to return a profit on the time invested... But, I have scads of server space and could easily...
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    Guitar Maintenance Log?

    Greetings All, Looking for some suggestions (and apologies if this has been asked before) for a way to track or log all of the maintenance for small very small collection of guitars. After refretting my '90s Strat earlier this summer, and my '70s Strat a few months back and my '09 Strat...
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    What gauge strings you running on your Tele ?

    On my Tele I moved down to .009s from my custom set (of Boomers .013 .015 .018p .026 .036 .046 ) Simply cause I had this idea that for some of the country(ish) licks I'm asked to play, I wanted something very easy to bend ;-) I know, lazy way out :smile:
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    Bronchitis Is the worst

    Tazz sorry 'bout your bout of bronchitis... When I was plagued with reoccurring bouts on bronchitis for several years in a row, it took not only a zpac (or cipro); but, also Prednisone steroid AND an albuterol inhaler... Anything less than those three things and I just couldn't kick it... For...
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    NGD: Custom Made SG/LP Clone "ExNihilo"

    nice no, very nice! :cheers:
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    NAD '60s Silvertone 1482

    Hey Javamagic, wow great looking combo - hope you are playin' it often. Is that one of the hand wired reissues? How does it sound? as I recall, my old band mate's rig was a the yba-3 head and a 6X10 cab with marsland/traynor speakers. appreciate you sharing, -Rick
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    Probably quitting my band tonight.

    Hey Paul, Advice is a dangerous gift - unsolicited even more so ;-) Always tough to leave a working situation... Tougher, when you get to be 'on the backside of the mountain' in today's youth focused culture. I'm sure it is disappointing to know the rest of the band has already made a decision...

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