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    Has Anyone Seen These Tuners?

    I use the guitar tuna app on my phone. Very easy to use
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    Hello. New Guy Here.

    My son just gave mine a nice setup, polished frets, new strings. It feels great now 👍
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    White pickguard on an Epi standard?

    I have the same guitar, very happy with it
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    Hello. New Guy Here.

    It's great, very well made.
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    Hello. New Guy Here.

    Congrats I just picked up a epi sg standard recently. It's 👍
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    White SG's in Europe?

    Can you slum down to an epi SG? You should be able to find some. I like mine a lot
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    Help identifying SG

    Check out Samantha Fish she rocks a white SG and can play!
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    White pickguard on an Epi standard?

    Why would it be collectable?
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    Special Order Gibson sg Color?

    Ugh I just dislike gold hardware, just screams tacky to me.
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    Epiphone 1961 les Paul sg standard

    Look up the guitarista on y tube he gives pretty thorough reviews
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    Epiphone 1961 les Paul sg standard

    There should be a lot of reviews out there. I know there were a lot of reviews on the epi sg standard that I watched before I purchased mine. The epiphones have been getting great reviews
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    1997 Orville SG

    No interest in an epi sg? Brand new standard is $500
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    Difference between Epiphone G400 SG and Standard SG

    Here is my new epi sg standard for comparison
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    New Bands Don't Play Gibsons

    Epiphone is the affordable option and gibson is smart to improve the epiphone quality. You can get the entry level player a very nice sg, lp or bass for $500 or even less.
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    Who is Your Favorite…

    Probably Angus and Kreiger just because they were die hard SG guys while a lot of the others played a lot of other guitars besides the SG.

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