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    The most famous SG player ever?

    Rev. Boyd Rivers with an SG. Just thought it might be interesting to list another SG used for religious music. My wife says I'm the worlds biggest jackass. So that makes me the most famous SG player! Haha
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    Neck Dive and Real Solutions

    I like to slip some Viagra in the input jack. No neck dive for four hours.
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    Neck Dive and Real Solutions

    A suede stand perhaps?
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    Neck Dive and Real Solutions

    Suede strap. There good looking, mighty comfortable and will last forever. Drops mic and walks off stage.
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    Open Tunings

    Great topic ! I play in quite a few tunings. Been playing in Spanish a lot lately. Usually pitched at A. John Fahey's C tuning is on of my personal favorites for acoustic. 6---------1st CGCGCE Open g has the nice fat V chord with the root of that chord on the 6th string, D. Pretty...
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    I Apologize...

    Who? The ignore button works great! Why subject yourselves to it? I made it go away. You're a good dude Shreddy. I feel your pain cause I know what it's like. I was an electrician for 20 years. Feast or famine. Keep your head up brother!
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    SG Standard the holy grail for stoner rock

    Weedeater! :dude:
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    Turning a Poly Finished Guitar into a Nitro Finished One

    Back in the mid 90's a buddy of mine stripped his mim strat. Don't remember how he said he did it. It looked cool and sounded awesome though. Also he put a tele humbucker in the neck position. It was one sweet strat.
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    Big bedroom rigs ...

    Haha! :rofl:
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    Black Sabbath

    Just outta curiosity, anyone know why Bill Ward isn't drumming for them?
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    THe worlds a little darker

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    Big bedroom rigs ...

    Orange half stack and 7 guitars in my bedroom. Yes I'm married.

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