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    Look at that, a new Tony Iommi SG Special.

    $1379 CDN, yikes!!
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    Next idea

    Did you polish by hand or did you use a machine? Looks great!
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    Polished My Frets / New Gibson

    Sounds similar to my process. I use “micromesh” sanding pads though. Look them up, they’re awesome 2” square pads that conform to the fret when buffing so that even the sides gets polished. I’ve used “Zona” papers before too. I take no short cuts with fret work, it’s not work it. Good job!
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    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    But yet you don’t say why?
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    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    I’m sure that it’s legit.
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    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    It’s so nice that Gibson hires visually impaired folks to do their silkscreening. What an inclusive company.
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    SG Red

    I had a Robot Sg and it had a strange chip out of the back that I repaired with multiple shades of nail polish. It worked out great after a lot of trial and error as the lacquer melted together with the original and made for a near seamless repair. Maybe try nail polish instead? There are a lot...
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    Why fingerboard binding?

    Binding serves as protection for the edges of the instrument. A bound body doesn’t get dents as easily as an unbound one, same as a fingerboard. That was the initial intent of it anyways. Plus, it looks pretty.
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    2022 SG Standard 61 upgrades

    I always replace the strings on a brand new guitar to the flavour I prefer. Depending on the electronics, I’ll change out the harness to CTS pots with paper in oil caps, it’s cork sniffery buy I don’t care. Blank truss rod cover is nice too. Otherwise rock that thing until you want to swap...
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    Changing bridge pot?

    P90’s have a lot of adjustment in their pole pieces as well. I find that if I lower the entire pickup and raise the pole pieces that it is much different than leaving the pickup at the height the poles are at. Make sense? Lower the entire pickup and raise the poles vs just lowering or raising...
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    Adjusting nut slot depth

    It’s cheaper until they mess up your nut and force you to take it to a pro or buy a set of nut files.
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    Neck joint or laquer cracks? Opinion needed

    It looks like it’s had a big enough of a smack along the way to do that to the lacquer. The joint flexes with temperature and humidity and impacts. If any of those are severe enough it’ll let go. If it doesn’t make any noises and stays tight when you flex it there isn’t anything to worry about.
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    NSGD… It’s a Special…

    I just replaced the output jack in my 2018 Gibson Les Paul Traditional as it was acting up. After soldering in a new Switchcraft branded one I looked at the original and was shocked to see that it says “China” instead of “Switchcraft”. Unreal, Gibson taking the cheaper road when the superior...
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    First SG

    Interesting diagram.
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    NSGD… It’s a Special…

    None of my guitars are made there either.

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