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    why don't more SGs come with hum (b) / p90 (n) combo?

    I have an SG with a hum at the bridge and a P-90 at the neck. It IS a really elegant solution, I agree !
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    Are the two SG P90 models hum cancelling in the middle position?

    My 2021 EPi SG Special is hand wired and hum canceling in the mid position.
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    why don't more SGs come with hum (b) / p90 (n) combo?

    No problem, I hope something falls in your lap at the right time ! :smile:
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    why don't more SGs come with hum (b) / p90 (n) combo?

    I bought one of those gold Futura SG bodies from "The Stratosphere" and fitted it with a Classic 57 at the bridge and a traditional P90 at the neck (see my avatar). The wiring is 50's style and the tuners are Kluson tulips instead of those awful e-tune monstrosities. It turned out to be one...
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    New member

    Welcome to EverythingSG Uffe. Love your SG, Love those P90's :smile: Hope to see you posting more in the future.
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    Gibson SG Special 2018 PCB to 50s wiring conversion

    @papagayo The PCB board is modern wiring, the 50's style differ in how the controls work, not in terms of "better tone". So not better tone but different way the knobs work, if that's what you want. If it isn't, then just move on. It's not a "better" thing, its a "how I expect my guitar...
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    How old are we?

    It's great to have younger guitarists !!! I'm one of the over 70 crowd
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    Epi SG special P90

    Hey mrboosh, I picked one of those up, too. They really are great little guitars aren't they? Enjoy !
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    Good buy?

    I''ve personally owned two white SG's that also had thick original paint obscuring the serial number.
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    The "Effect Pedal(s) Incoming" thread.

    NMA, that's one sorry ass idea of feeling that you are better than others. Think about it.
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    SG P90 Custom order

    Heh heh ... Who could complain about a dual pickup SG, and a good looker to boot! Enjoy that thar gitar, son ;)
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    The Archtop Thread.

    My "go to" guitar for jazz and rockabiilly as a matter of fact ... A total tone monster that plays like butter. A 2004 Gretsch Electromatic series G5125T with Dearmond Pickups. Made in the Peerless factory instead of the Samic factory, this very early model has the fixed bridge ans soundpost...
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    Opinions on Flatwounds?

    I haven't used flatwounds since the mid-late 60's, used to favor them. I was studying jazz at the time and playing a archtop Gretsch and that's what got me the sound I was looking for at the time.
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    Fender Princeton Reverb or Deluxe Reverb

    I have an old silver face PR that is my Number two amp, my first is a 5e3 Tweed Deluxe RI. I prefer the Tweed because it is lighter for me to carry around, both circuits work great for my needs.
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    Stock finish ?

    The SG that I used in my avatar (also in my media album) is a gold SG Futura made in 2014. Gold SG's are out there, just not real common.