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    Belated NAD, sort of -Strymon Iridium-

    Hey Biddlin, I haven't got around to recording a demo yet, but here's a guy who's become a reference in the "Iridium world": Here is a picture of my Iridium with an Ibanez SC10 (Boss-sized pedal) next to it for perspective: It certainly isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but it...
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    Belated NAD, sort of -Strymon Iridium-

    Hi all, I haven't posted on these boards in a while and thought about giving you guys a heads up on one of my recent (pre-Covid 19 lockdown) purchases: a Strymon Iridium. Having somewhat recently got a job in the big city and moved in a small yet extremely high-rent apartment in the city...
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    Blackstar or Orange?

    I've owned a Blackstar HT-20 Mk1 since 2013 and it has served me very well so far. The clean channel is EXTREMELY clean and hard to crank (believe me, I've tried). The dirt channel is very high gain. I only recently got into pedals, but managed just fine without them for all these years.
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    2014 SGJ 120th Anniversary question

    Thanks 58pit. Based on what I've seen on other forums as well, the pups on the 2014 Special are closer together than on a regular standard because it's got 24 frets. The angel wing pg has that lip that fits between the pups and I'm concerned the two mounting holes might get filed away
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    The Les Paul thread

    Where can we get that poker chip?!?!
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    2014 SGJ 120th Anniversary question

    Huntroll, thanks for this. Thing is, I'm in Europe and it'd be much easier for me to source it locally. Plus 60$ is way beyond what I'd like to spend for a pickguard. How about an angel wing (or whatever they're called) pg? Do those from Gibson fit in straight out of the box?
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    2014 SGJ 120th Anniversary question

    What pickguard did you guys install? An original Gibson one? I have a 2014 SG Special which I am lightly modding (new pup rings and knobs) and I'd like to add a batwing pickguard, but I'm unsure if a proper Gibson would fit
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    Work/Band balance

    Hi all, How do (or did) you manage to play in a band while working? I live in the centre of Paris and would like to put together/join a band. My job involves long working hours and a lot of travelling. Factor in the struggle of commuting around Europe's second largest city and I'm left with...
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    Sg sold by Best Buy?

    Yup! I picked up a nice 2014 SG Special ar the Best Buy in downtown Montreal when I was living there for around 500 CAD. I haven't had to set it up yet and it plays wonderfully. The woods could've been matched better though as it's a burst finish and the different pieces don't reflect light the...
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    How should I think about pickup “hotness” vs dialing in amp gain; 490T/498T

    Derald my bad I made a typo. My Standard is a 2011 model and has the PCB with quick connectors. It's the main reason why I have avoided touching it till now
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    How should I think about pickup “hotness” vs dialing in amp gain; 490T/498T

    If anything, my biggest complaint about the electronics in my 490R-498T equipped 2012 SG Standard are about the pots rather than the pups themselves. I believe it has 300k pots. I love the 490R in the neck which I dialled exactly where I want it. The bridge pup however sounds like I have a wha...
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    Buying new vs buying used

    I don't disagree with the OP and in fact I have purchased quite a few used items in the past which served me well, mostly pedals which I ended up selling for a very small profit (the equivalent of a beer or two). My 2nd hand Blackstar HT20 tube head is still my no. 1 amp. For some other items...
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    Let's see the baked maple.

    I only own one Fender guitar atm and I knew the FB needed to be maple. It is my first Fender and my first proper "regular" maple. It's just something I was always drawn to when I only had dark FBs. Now that I have this one dunno. Chances are my next Fender will probably have a maple FB too. But...
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    Let's see the baked maple.

    Baked maple is a superior fretboard timber to rosewood IMO. Doesn' t require oiling at all (although you can -and I do- to darken it some), has a tight grain that feels soft and silky to the touch and looks pleasantly even uniform. And it' s tough: if you forgot to cut your fingernails before...
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    Please evaluate this nut job

    I've tried vaseline (w/out graphite) with a toothpick in the past with no luck, particularly on Fender string trees: the little dab of vaseline seems to be spread out by the string on the sides and the little amount of vaseline which is caught between the string and the string tree is dragged...