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    What do you think of 490R and 490T pickups in an SG?

    I like them and played them in my Standard well over a year. I just recently swapped them out for Wolfetone Marshallheads. Why? One of the pots started to go so I had to take out the PCB board to put in a wired kit. Am I happier with it now? Yes. So while I wouldn’t say 490s are the worst out...
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    Who is Your Favorite…

    So many punk bands used SGs . But here’s one of my favorites Dix Denny of the Weirdos
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    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    Yep, the Go Gos got their start in the early LA punk scene. Belinda was the original drummer for the Germs. And I believe Jane used to go by Jane Draino. That early LA punk is still some of my favorite music ever.
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    Equalizer vs new pickups: what say you?

    I like to keep it simple. Years ago when I was gigging I didn’t use any pedals. Just my Les Paul Jr into a Marshall 2203. Now that I play only at home I use a modded SD1 and a eq pedal into a Marshall SC. It helps to get that loud stage sound at low volumes. For me at least. But to me an eq...
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    Which player(s) attracted you to the SG?

    Angus for sure. I’m more on the punk side of things so bands like The Damned, The Saints, DOA, Circle Jerks, The Weirdos , actually to many to mention. To me the SG just looks badass and that what drew me to it. It just looks more rock n roll then a Les Paul or a strat. I’m not sting they’re bad...
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    NGD, :(

    For me I guess one positive thing about the PCB is that it made me get to know the guitar. Adjusting pick up height etc to get the sound I wanted. Not the usual “oh these pots suck, swap them out” that then lead to”well it must be the caps, swap em out” and usually then various pickup swaps. So...
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    NGD, :(

    I have a 2019 SG Standard that has the PCB as well. Like you I was disappointed since my 19 SG Jr was hand wired. After I set the Standard up and played I forgot all about the PCB. Don’t worry about it and just play. If something does go wrong in there then it’s a chance to switch it out to hand...
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    Good replacement P90s for SG Classic?

    Like others said, 500k pots. I have a 2019 SG Jr that I put a Wolfetone Meaner P90 in. Does everything from clean to AC/DC to old punk which is what I mostly play.
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    Is it just me or are modern (2020s) SGs living up to the standard?

    Those are all set up issues. I got a 2019 SG Standard last year. It had been sitting in a warehouse for nearly a year. I did a full set up on it, intonation, pick up height, action, and stop bar height. It’s now my go to guitar. Find one that is comfortable and sounds good to you and have it...
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    In an SG Standard: 490's or '61's ?

    My favorite pickup is P90s. That said I have a 19 SG Standard with 490s and I have no reason to complain about them. Very similar to P90s, even my Wolfetone P90s, just with out the noise. They work perfectly for what I play. Which is old punk, some metal and rock.
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    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 1963 SG Junior in Bright TV Yellow

    Amazing! I love and want a TV Yellow or white SG
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    2019 SG Special neck vs ‘61 SG Standard

    I have a 2019 Sg Jr with a slim taper and a 2019 SG Standard that has a rounded profile. Both are very comfortable to ply and honestly though the Standard is thicker it’s hard to tell a difference
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    What is everyone’s thoughts on the current Standards?

    I had a Classic in the early 2000’s that I unfortunately had to sell. I recently got a 19 Standard because my other two Gibsons are juniors. I love P90s but wanted something with humbuckers
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    NGD 2020 SG Jr

    Great guitar! Got a 19 myself
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    New Guy & NGD

    Gotta love the looks of a white sg!

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