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    Grover Locking tuners

    Go heavier than a 52 and you run into real problems
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    Good modulation pedal?

    Boss MD-500 It's quite big though
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    Already got seller's remorse... What should I do?

    Personally I don't know why people think combos are more portable. Once you get up to a 12" speaker (and definitely with a 212) you are usually better off with a separate 50W head and 212 cab, especially when going tube. Tube combos are very heavy. I'd rather carry two lighter loads than one...
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    It's never the tuners.

    Well I was always a believer in 'it's never the tuner, it's always the nut' but then I changed the tuners on my 2011 SG Standard to Kluson locking tuners and all of a sudden that guitar really stays in tune, even with the factory corian nut, much better than my other two SGs with Grover locking...
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    Whats Smarterer?

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    What's your favorite reverb pedal?

    I use the EarthQuaker Devices Ghost Echo. It's simple, easy to use, reasonably priced and works well in the effects loops of high gain amps like my Peavey 6534+
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    My Peavey 6534+ got a tune up

    Well back before we recorded our demo in June my amp started to sound bad ... decided it was time for some new tubes. So I went online and did my research and in the end decided to replace the Ruby EL34BHT power tubes with another set the same, but I had to order them from the USA and they took...
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    Sloven demo

    My band released its first demo on the weekend. You can listen here: My 2007 SG Special Faded Worn Yellow with the BK Warpigs is featured on the first half of Track 2 and the whole of Track 4. The rest of the guitar was done with the Epiphone...
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    Will Grover 102 Rotomatics drop into an SG standard? Replacing Grover Vintage Deluxes..

    I have replaced the tuners on my SG Standard with Kluson Revolution locking tuners. I highly recommend them. No drilling. Holes line right up. Lighter than Grovers and look a lot like the original tuners.
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    Same old Dave ...

    Smart bloke, this Dave Sloven ...
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    Bridge PickUp Upgrade

    Do you mean the BRIDGE pickup here? This is a common problem on SGs. Most people seem to find that the 57 in the neck with the 57+ in the bridge compensates for this though. Might be that you just need a more powerful bridge pickup. Maybe consider the DiMarzio Super Distortion. It has a...
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    Anyone here buy an SG CM Black?

    LOL you are indeed 'old fashioned' if that whammy reminds you of a Fender rather than a Jackson or a Charvel ;)
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    Anyone here buy an SG CM Black?

    I saw one on eBay US that was listed twice at US$1000 for no bids and eventually sold for US$900. Anyone got one and happy with it? I sometimes think of fitting one of these FRX trems to my...
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    Installing Pickup rings on FullGuards etc...

    Used one of these bad boys:
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    Installing Pickup rings on FullGuards etc...

    I ground away part of the pickguard on mine under the pickup rings so that the pickups can be lifted out of the guitar without removing the pickguard and the bridge. For me that was the whole point of the conversion, to avoid removing the bridge every time. So now my pickups go in and out like...

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