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    A Tale of Madness, Hubris and Crib-death

    Damn it!
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    SG Neck Material

    The specs say it's mahogany. In my own experience, all the Epis I've owned or inspected were made of wood that was substantially different from the consistent mahogany I've seen in Gibsons. Having owned both, I'd say it's definitely not the same wood, which doesn't mean Epis are not made of...
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    SG neck dive solution

    Exactly. As you can see, I never even used wide straps or anything, I just played the SG just as I would play any other guitar:
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    SG neck dive solution

    Ok, having read all (or at least most) of this, I'll bite. 1 - I've owned 3 SGs. An Epi G400, which had those Grover kidneys (this one dove a lot. If I took my fretting hand off, it's headstock would sink right down); two Gibson '61RIs, which had snot-colored Klusons and didn't neckdive much...
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    SG neck dive solution

    Dude, I bookmarked this thread so I can read it over some coffee after dinner. 17 pages of neck dive debate…
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    Biddlin' Foster

    I recently revisited ETSG and used the search tool to find some of Biddlin's old posts, which I read thoroughly with bittersweet joy. Bitter because of the obvious sadness of not having my old friend with us anymore, sweet because oh my, he was one hell of a writer. I know not everyone would...
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    Biddlin' Foster

    I can't describe how sad I am. Biddlin was a good friend of mine, definitely a special human being with an incisive intelligence and keen wits. A solid personality, which not everyone got along well in guitar forums, perhaps exactly because he wouldn't tolerate what he didn't accept. I'll miss...
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    Ring Rust

    Just out of curiosity, I've read that regarding cleaning pots, WD40 isn't the best choice and contact cleaner is all right. If there isn't canned compressed air available.
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    Before "vintage", they were just used guitars.

    The funniest part of watching the "Vintage" fad is that while people praise, worship and spend indicent loads of cash on old Gibsons and Fenders, and also defend them for being US made and handmade... Rickenbacker remains a company that produces all their guitars in California, defines their...
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    Who Are You People?

    1. You would rather listen to: A) Eddie Van Halen on guitar B) Chet Atkins on guitar (I have very little interest on anything made after '79) 2. You A) own a dirt pedal (Fuzz and Proco RAT being my faves) B) do not own a dirt pedal 3. You A) have or had long hair (still got my mane) B) keep it...
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    Nice Rick!
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    after playing my SG for an hour or so

    Hello, Colonel! Sorry for not having replied immediately, but I had had a few too many Budweisers and trying to make sense (and in English!) wouldn't really work, hehehe... Well, like I said: though I no longer own or play SGs I could feel your bond with yours. SGs can be great tools. Those are...
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    Why The Name "Standard"?

    The RIC 6 saddle bridge intonates just fine.
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    Why The Name "Standard"?

    I tried the 660 but the toasters are a just a tad too sweet for what I do, and the neck on the 620s is faster. Anyway they're essentially the same guitar.
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    NGD: 2005 ‘61 Reissue

    The faded Gibsons are sort of "budget" versions though they can be entirely cool instruments. Anyway I liked what I bought with the money I got for it better.

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