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    MHD pickup set & Duncan designed set

    MHD set sold!
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    MHD pickup set & Duncan designed set

    This is the 'Douchebag' set, predecessor to the Hollywood Douchebags, in good condition. Neck has app 12in of lead, bridge has app 8.5 inches. $100 pp'd & shipped in the CONUS Duncan designed 101n & 102b full factory leads on both $60 pp'd & shipped CONUS only Shipping will be...
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    Mouse Pad neck pup

    Just for fun, I posted up a quick vid of my new bridge pup. It's a 44awg, C8 17.4k
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    Mouse Pad neck pup

    Had to call it something, & that was the first thing I saw when deciding. Just a quick test of my latest neck wind. 7.7k RCA2 magnet.
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    Bedroom Amps for low vol play

    I'm still quite happy with my THR 10, had it about 3 yrs now, tons of tones, in a small platform. Though not the cheapest option, well worth it IMO.
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    Should I do this trade?

    Damn, that's a sweet lookin tele. If only that hadn't shot it full of holes, to hold on that UGLY pick guard. Nah, get the SG, it's pretty much a no brainer.
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    Guitar stands

    Sorry, can't help on your side of the pond. Any woodworking skills/tools? There's a guy local here that sells these on c'list. Thought of 'borrowing' his design
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    SG Special -> single coily sound

    If they're 4 conductor pups, he's only 2 pots away
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    SG Special -> single coily sound

    Well, I could've recommended using the vol, & tone knobs, but where's the fun in that.
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    SG Special -> single coily sound

    Welcome to the fun zone! The easiest thing to do would be replacing the pickups. Then the problem of 'I miss my old sound' will arise. You can never have too many guitars, so my recommendation would be, go to all your local music stores, & try out a bunch of different guitars, till you find...
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    There you go! See, sometimes you just have to look around a bit.
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    NGD! SG G400 GASsing gets the better of me...

    Hey, more money for upgrades, not a bad thing:h5:
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    Darius SG

    Sweet!! That just SCREAMS comfortable. Great work on that burst, that grain is beautiful!!
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    '89 SG G-310 upgrades

    Yea, that could drive the price up a bit. I'll defer to someone on your side of the water.