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    Wow, this forum has really gone down-hill with the amount of assholery being slung around now. Oh well. I'll leave you to your little on-line ghetto.
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    I have a Strat here and a mahogany bodied Ibanez, and when played out of the same amp they sound different enough that I can tell them apart. I had an alder bodied Ibby Explorer once. That sounded very different than a mahogany bodied Iceman.
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    Mahogany tends to sound thicker. Very good for heavy metal rhythm tones, but can also sound a little dull/muffled. Alder tends to have more of an emphasis on the highs and sounds drier than mahogany. Anyways, that's been my experience with guitars made from those two woods.
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    New Pickups on the way!

    Another alternative you might want to consider are the Dimarzio Super Distortions.
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    Guitar models you've never wanted!

    Don't know what it is about the shape, but Telecasters make me physically ill.
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    New sound like the Smashing Pumpkins Pedal Day.

    The ts will tighten the low end of the fuzz up considerably, giving you a smoother distortion.
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    New sound like the Smashing Pumpkins Pedal Day.

    Running a tube screamer alongside the fuzz opens up some interesting tonal options as well.
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    Ngd (sortA) metal muff (With top boost)

    I've got one and really like it. A pretty underrated pedal, imo.
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    Show us your small tube amps!

    @cybermgk: What's your take on the mini Valve Kings?
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    In Praise Of Heavier Gauge Stings

    I just went over to a .094-.020 set for my baritone and am really happy with both the string tension and the tone. A big improvement over the stock strings, which were .084-.024.
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    If you have a pc and an audio interface, you can make all the clips you want. Recording music with a pc is a relatively easy process. All you need do is mic your guitar as normal and then send the mic's signal into an audio interface, open a recording program, and you're good to go. I use a...
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    Vintage DiMarzio Upgrade...

    I've been a big fan of the Super Distortion since the mid 80s. For me, it's the quintessential "metal" pickup. Please post some clips when you get a chance.
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    No clips?
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    Best cab/speaker (low cost) for low watt head.

    You can always bypass the poweramp section of your low watt amp and run it into an Electro Harmonix 22 or 44 watt poweramp pedal. As for a 1X12 cab, I got a very nice one off of eBay for $180. If money isn'y an issue though, I'd really pay and get a nicer over-sized 1X12. It's just going to...

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