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    NAD - Victory V50

    Getting some very good vintage marshall tones out of the v50 - just a bunch of random riffs I`m absolutely stoked with this amp Gear used: V50 the earl 1x12 Orange loaded with a heritage greenback Mic-Sm57 Gibson SG special (loaded with mojotones 59) Amp is in the pushed clean channel + a...
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    Homesick christmas - Guitar track

    I became a ninja since I dont play an SG anymore :( (meaning I'm usually here but nobody sees me anymore). The revstar really completely replaced both my LP and my SG... I feel kind of ashemed to say that, My whole life I adored SGs... thanks for the kind compliment guys, Merry Christmas!
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    Homesick christmas - Guitar track

    I'm from Brazil but I live in Europe, was feeling very homesick today, this came out. (its based on a trainwreck song) Hope you guys enjoy!
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    So let's see those pedalboards!!!

    Here goes the latest version: instead of growing my board I`m making another small one, same size as this one. The idea is to have a board more in line with my humbucker needs and another with the single coil needs, it doesn't really make all that much sense, but specially on the drive realm...
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    The Revstar Embassador is back (self proclaimed)

    Guys, if you can, please try this guitar. It has changed my guitarrist life, absolutely awesome piece of gear. RIFFAGE O DOOM! Miss you guys!
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    Diezel VH4 V2 Pedal

    I used it for a while on a tool cover band, its a pedal, not an amp head, so its really not the same. On the other hand, I`m very convinced I had a very convincing tool tone, which is awesome :)
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    2015 SGS3 Demo

    great sounds, man! really nice tone and tasty playing!
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    I'm really wondering why did I put the black pickguard back.... cream is awesome!
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    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    hahahaha, that was not my plan! :) its right here in the same topics, jam audios and video.
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    Classic 60s strat (bkp mothersmilk pup) + AC15 + OR15

    No pedals, lowish volume, hope you enjoy! I'm absolutely in love with this pick ups, I though it would be a minor upgrade as I already liked my pick ups quite a lot, but since a pro players here in romania, who also happens to be his own luthier and builds his own guitars (and they are awesome)...
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    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    I'll do that! :) for now, posted something totally different, another thread.
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    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    Anybody else rocking a THR? I can see that the katana is the new champ all around, but I really dont see the need to upgrade with this great little amp.
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    Tonal difference between naked Pups and covered ones?

    it will sound brighter if you remove them, I tested this more than once. It will also sound brighter if you increase the treble on the amp. It`s your choice. :)
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    Help with wet dry rig and dual mono

    Hello Guys, Problem solved! All I had to do was, NOTHING. I just got back home yesterday, turned the amps on and no hum again... go figure.
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    Help with wet dry rig and dual mono

    I havent moved the equipment, besides the guitars. would you be more detailed on the explanation? (I`m not really sure which wire would be the one ground wire). thanks!

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