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    Hello from England.

    I like the position of neck pickup more on that. Closer to the neck, better neck pickup sound! :cheers:
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    Hi all.

    Hmm!! I also like those SG too! Where do you live brother? :naughty: Welcome to the Mad House :cheers:
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    The SG, possibly one of the most (if not the most) comfortable guitar to play.

    Hi Darryl! Something like that:
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    NGD Gibson SG Special Limited edition 1999

    Idk is out there somewhere ppl consider Special SG's as "low budget, low-quality guitars" but, I think they have beautiful sound and quality. This one seems very cool! HNGD!!
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    Big Muff sounds great through Princeton but bad through Mesa?

    This is normal. Some amps and pedals are best friends, some of them hate each other.
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    What is this SG, need help...Possible 70s Kasuga?

    Well, Idk can you find something useful. I never owned the Japanese guitars of this era. I think to do not the risk is more logical at this point. I hope someone who has experience can answer better than me.
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    What is this SG, need help...Possible 70s Kasuga?

    It is hard to identify these kinds of guitars. They were active during the beginning of the 70's. But they were small brands. Many of them couldn't survive until the end of the 70's. Idk is there any sign inside the neck pocket or pickup cavities or on pickups. When I looked at the Uncle Google...
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    The SG, possibly one of the most (if not the most) comfortable guitar to play.

    I agree with that. Especially if an SG doesn't have a neck dive problem. The other comfortable guitars are in my experience are Gibson Nighthawk and Jackson guitars. Jacksons have also a thin neck like the modern Ibanez models. Idk why but I don't find modern Ibanez necks usually comfortable...
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    Epiphone Ltd. Ed. 2015 Tony Iommi SG Custom Review

    @Grizzlyman @WytchCrypt @MGrd hello guys! I was away for a while! Thanx for the inputs! Laney TI Boost is a tempting piece. What interesting is, Tony Iommi Signature products can be very versatile.
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    Epiphone inspired by Tony iommi monkey sg

    Seems awesome!!
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    Angus YANG SG!! hahaha

    Not tempted. Maybe a Tonne Aeommi can. :D:D
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    SG players that made you choose the SG

    Tony Iommi is my musical Messiah. He is the first who tempted me. Because of him, I fell in love with SG guitars. But I couldn't find an SG which suits me. Last years, some live performances of Gary Clarke Jr. lighted my fire again and bam! I repented and bought an SG.
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    Coil splitting,useful or not?

    I have one HSS Japanese Jackson and HH Gibson Nighthawk (which has a Fender scale length too) with coil-split humbuckers. I use them, and I am very glad, no complaints. They give me lots of versatility. But I prefer to use my SG just in HB mode. Coil-split sounds are not my favorite in...
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    Walnut SG

    A thread to watch! Everything seems very good Peter!
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    Welcome to the Madhouse! Why laugh? Too many mates love blues in here, including me.

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