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    Did Freddie use PAF's ?

    Of he did/didn't. That doesn't matter.
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    Fralin P92 in a 61 Standard SG

    I have fralin stock p90s and they're my favorite. I've tried bareknuckle, Lollar, duncan antiquity and one other brand I forgot. I like fralins the most. I wouldn't hesitate to buy those pickups.
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    *Warning* Adult oriented

    I'd have written something more crass, but I dig it.
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    Out with the 490's

    Never heard of those pickups. Are they just 57s?
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    You play SG and you drink beer,

    That's a great idea.
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    You got it.
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    Hello, people

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    Your three must have pedals.

    Polytune, dod looking glass, ehx 720 looper.
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    Bleh fuzz ...

    You're right about that. One trick ponies.
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    Bleh fuzz ...

    The only fuzz that has ever worked for me is the DOD carcosa. I always return every I've tried to the dreaded guitar center.
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    2006 SG Standard

    Yes, that's a good year. 2013 was a good year too for SGs. Nice specs from Gibson.
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    NGD from France (Standard 61 Maestro Vibrola)

    Sweet. Play it in good health.
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    I found my holiday sweatah.....

    The second one is very nice.
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    How to deal with lowballers ...

    I've done that before but we don't have a comedy club here. Great idea. Usually send them to the local out of the way Christian bookstore. They need to find God.
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    I'll Fight You Kaney West!

    I'll volunteer going to jail for life to get rid of him.

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