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    Good Youtube Channels

    Absolutely kill "Killing in the Name" They break the internet around 56:32
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    Good Youtube Channels

    Just get Rocksmith!!
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    The new Gibson CEO is...

    Published Feb. 28, 2018 But thanks anyway. :cheers:
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    WTB: 1965 Gibson SG parts for restoration

    From ETSG sister site:
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    Pointless pics of SG's, Mesa and me.

    My neck hurt.
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    Wanted: SG Classic

    Congrats!!! :cheers: You're going to love it!! I know I love mine. It's a 2009. I think I bought it from here.
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    Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates Pickups in their SG

    Here, do yourself a favor and get a JPPre 72 Bridge pup from this guy: I have one in my SG Original 2 and it is by far the best sounding, most versatile pup I own. (Disclaimer: I am in know way related to or associated with this company at all. I get NO props or...
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    WTB any Vibrola

    Didn't know Staples sold Maestro Vibrolas. :rofl:
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    Modern Univibe Users/Songs

    I have a couple univibes but only use them for Gilmourish type stuff. Can't find any other use for them. Not a big Trower fan and hardly play any Hendrix stuff. Sometimes when I'm in "the zone" I'll pop it on just for pleasure purposes. :cheers:
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    AMS Limited Runs

    Yeah, it's a 2014 model. Got lucky and found it at Sweetwater.
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    AMS Limited Runs

    Damn! I'd love to own another SG Original. But I only paid 1100.00 for mine. It was a demo or something. Not gonna spend 2000.00 on one.
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    Looking for new SG players to listen

    Santana (Woodstock)!!
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    2008 SG Special

    Nice score!! I've read every post in this thread twice to make sure I didn't miss what I'm going to ask. Does anyone else think the chips at the frets are from a refret? Can you take a pic of the other side of the neck, or can you just say if it is the same way as that side?