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    Leaving the forum once again

    I left when the ads became too intrusive. I stopped in again and it seemed a little better so I've been lurking daily and posting occasionally.. Today a video ad showed up in the bottom right corner when viewing posts. I couldn't stop it or hide it. It was way too intrusive making me scroll to...
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    A couple of NGDs

    The only two in 2020. The first was a 2020 MIJ Tokai Hard Puncher bass. The second was a Christmas present to my self, an Epiphone Swingster. Here are a couple of quick tunes featuring both of them.
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    NGD 1991 SG Special

    I've owned several guitars with 490's. These don't sound like 490's, close but they have more bite to them. Elsewhere I've seen them called 1959 Les Paul Reissues. I've heard several stories about these guitars. The most likely story is by 1991 they were using up whatever parts they had in the...
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    Es 335 Type Guitars

    I've owned a few 335 style guitars, Epi's, Gibson's, Ibanez, and MIJ 80's clones. My current and the nicest I've played is an Epiphone Dot with upgraded pickups and electronics.
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    So not everyone hates Richlite...

    I have guitars with rosewood, ebony, maple, and richlite fretboards. They all play just fine.
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    Who Are You People?

    1. You would rather listen to: B) Chet Atkins on guitar 2. You A) own a dirt pedal (it doesn't get much use) 3. You A) have or had long hair (back in the 70's, bald now) 4) You prefer Don't like trems. 5) You can Neither 6) You I have owned both Marshall and Vox amps. Now have Blackstar and...
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    Is The SG Merely Just A Les Paul Substitute?

    I've owned several SGs and Les Pauls. I prefer SGs for several reasons. 1) They are generally lighter. I'm old. My shoulder hurts with heavy guitars. 2) They have a slightly different sound. from a Les Paul I like the sound of mahogany slab guitars, SGs, Explorers, Vs, etc. The best Les Paul...
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    Decent tone through headphones with cab sim (IR?)?

    This is not true. I have had an HT1RH for several years. The tubes are used on or off headphones. The new version also has USB out. It is easily the best headphone amp I have ever used. The cab sim is remarkable.
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    Is this really possible?

    Great technical skills but for me not much musicality. It's just not my thing. I wish I could do it because the skill involved would transfer over to other genres.
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    Acceptable age to be killed by Covid 19

    The cavalier response to the pandemic by some younger people is disgusting. What has happened to society?
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    Would you guys be satisfied with this light of a fretboard?

    I don't really care what a guitar looks like as long as the playability and tone are there. I think that guitar looks beautiful.
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    Anyone ever been "shamed" because they were playijg an Epiphone G400/SG?

    Never had anyone comment on my gear other than to say they liked/disliked my tone. Edit: now that I think about it whenever I play my Vantage VP795 I often get people asking what it is but not negatively.
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    New Traynor !

    Great amp. When I got mine I sold most of my other amps. It is very versatile and can easily keep up in a band.
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    How old are we?

    Old enough to know I'm never going to be in a famous band or even make a living with music. Mature enough to know that doesn't matter because I love making music and I'm able to do so. Sensible enough to know that music is about the song not about my playing.
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    You've been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray!

    I bought my SG to find my tone. Some days it's there. Some days it's not.

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