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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    Exactly. Mind your business. No one asked. Ignored.
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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    Doesn’t bother me and doesn’t affect playing. My other Gibson is similar and I’ve seen many others similar in shops. Not sure why they can’t center or if it’s on purpose. Strings line up well with pickups (poles).
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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    No no… literally… :rofl:
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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    Says Cellulose Nitrate... so I guess not "standard" in terms of being acrylic. (under the 'Neck' section):
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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    Not sure they are anything special. Just standard custom shop.
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    NGD - ‘61 “Les Paul” Standard Reissue

    What are you talking about?? no issues with saddles or bridge...
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    SG Special P90

    My CS 63
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    Trogly Buys Angus Young Signature Prototype

    He butters em up because he’s a flipper. That’s his thing. 9 out 10 guitars he shows are getting resold. He’s a bit of a dork but I like seeing some of the guitars he shows and takes apart to show us the guts.
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    Gibson price increase for 2023? Anyone heard?

    Moral of story, buy now, don't wait. Prices will always go up given time.
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    2022 Gibson SG Standard 61’ fret buzz?

    Try to get .012 relief on the low E and also check the high e - that should be .010. I bet with the low E at .010, you're at like .008 on the high e. Remember 1/8 to 1/4 turn at most on truss rod at a time. Tune to pitch and recheck relief and action.
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    Fretboard Wood

    Indian Rosewood (per Gibson site). CS LP/SG 61
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    The Norlin Era Bill Lawrence "Tarbacks" Pickups.

    How are Tim Shaws perceived vs the Bill Lawrence Tarbacks?
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    Vibrola Question

    I had a USA 61 Std with Maestro for a while (‘22 model) and I really liked the angle it came at. Strung with 10s the arm in stowed position was just off the body. Just clearing the tail piece when deploying it. But couldn’t go the other way as it would hit the knobs but I was fine with that...
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    Fretboard Wood

    Baked maple is also known as torrefied maple. The “baking” process is called torrefaction.

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