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    Tuning to match a song

    Download Riffstation Pro. It will let you retune the tracks easily.
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    Nose diving SG Bass

    Both of mine do it really badly. Just a fact of life.
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    Hoyer Ern Prestige

    Very cool! Don't know about the new ones, but the old stuff was very well made but kind of quirky looking. I had a Hoyer that looked sort of like an SG but was a hollowbody. Great looking and great playing guitar! Loaned it to a friend in El Paso - right before his home was broken into and...
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    Play A Game: What's In The Case?

    Very cool. I got mine at a pawn shop, had no idea of it's original purpose.
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    Last Sears store in Chicago closing it's doors!

    This is what happens when a company gets too big for it's own good and forgets its roots. Sears was basically the Amazon of it's day, and I've been constantly amazed that they let other companies take over their niche simply because catalogs morphed into web sites...
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    Play A Game: What's In The Case?

    I don't know what was originally in #5, but my case like that houses an EB3.
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    Tronical sue Gibson for $50 million.

    Me too! :cheers:
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    Tronical sue Gibson for $50 million.

    Well, if you've been following the blowout pricing on 2015 models and are aware that the vast majority of them were traded out from the retailers for other models... Not really sure they were associated with any actual 'profit.'
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    LP SL ...WTF ?

    I saw that yesterday and went back and skimmed the whole series of videos. Basically, he bought the cheapest guitar he could find, loaded it up with the cheapest parts he could find, and worked on it with the cheapest tools he could find. Somehow, he expected something better than the results he...
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    Home Practice Amp

    Katana 100 Head. Hands down the best sounding and most responsive practice amp I've ever used.
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    Please Don't Feed the SGs

    Yeah, but is it a real Jeep or just one from the Chrysler era? :hmm:
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    SG String Quest - suggestions?

    How about under three bucks a set? Right now Strings and Beyond has 10 packs for 34.99 and they throw in a free 3 pack. That's 13 sets for under $35. Disclaimer: I don't user D'Addario, nor am I affiliated with Strings and Beyond in any way. Strictly an Ernie Ball Cobalt kinda guy. :cheers:
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    Epiphone SG Special 1961 50th Anniversary P90

    Gotta love it when you buy a set of pickups and find out there is a guitar attached to them!
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    Gibson bankruptcy

    An article I just read stated that Henry both went to Harvard and paid his way through school playing in rock bands. Ummm... Have you guys ever heard him play?