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    Are the Pelham blue SG specials discontinued?

    The blue SG haunts my dreams. I bought an SG natural finish special in 2018 and converted it to p90 (from those super hot mini buckers) to get a classic SG special type thing. The very next year gibson comes out with those new specials to classic spec with big dots, rolled binding, p90s and...
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    Don't Worry - Gibson is still on their game

    Of the 4 gibsons I own the worst quality was the 2018 bankruptcy year SG special (worst quality, but best playing of the bunch). Endless flaws including a headstock logo 1/4 off center and 2 dead on arrival tuners. The best quality gibson is my 2019 SG '61 stop bar and I bought that one as a...
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    My last Made in USA gibson, 2019 '61 stop bar, came with a case Made in Canada. I'm made in Canada too. Outrage avoided. 50 guitars later (mostly GIbson and Epi) Made in USA to me means quality is probably going to be off, but it will sound great thanks to the wood (not so much hardware as they...
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    The problem with nibs

    Nibs don't make the guitar easier to manufacture or it would be on the cheap guitars, not the expensive ones. They have to hand file it away between the frets, not to mention installing it in the first place. I love nibs. My 97 les paul special is the best feeling neck in the world - rocking...
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    Gibson SG Special 2018 PCB to 50s wiring conversion

    I did this to my 2018 SG special as well. (also my SG standard and LP special and any other guitar I've owned). I do it because I use the volume knob all day long and never touch the tone. This way I can reduce volume and keep the highs (never mind treble caps). Without this mod the guitar...
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    Gibson SG Special 2018 PCB to 50s wiring conversion

    I did this to my 2018 special as well. All my guitars are wired in this way. In my case the input jack was physically touching the back service plate when plugged into the guitar making it snap and pop as you held it. I know gibson has only been making SGs for about 60 years and still need to...
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    Which player(s) attracted you to the SG?

    I'm a converted Les Paul player. I've gone through a few of those and only one remains - my '97 special with p90s. I always thought the SG was kind of ugly and trademarked to Angus. Players like Santana at woodstock rocking the p90 SG special, or Pete with the WHO live at leeds - again a...
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    Batwing vs non-batwing - school me...

    The full pick guard makes the guitar cheaper to produce because you can just do a big rough cut and hide it under the plastic - fender style. My two SGs have the small wing because I like the idea of more wood left on the body (neck dive) and I'd rather see the nice wood than the cheap plastic.
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    Gibson SG Standard 61 Tuners

    I have those kluson revolutions on my SG special and they work great. I tried a set on my '61 standard, but I couldn't stand to look at them on that guitar. The '61 has the skinny head and the rev tuners have thick posts that, to me at least, are an eye sore. It could just be defective tuners...
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    I want to buy my first SG

    As far as I know there are no years to avoid with an SG. The main issue people have with SGs is neck dive. Try some out and buy one that sings to you. It's not rocket science. SGs are generally safe guitars - just don't drop them!
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    Anyone remove the pickup covers in their SG standard? Pictures?

    I've removed covers countless times in my youth. I even took apart pickups and interchanged coils - just to see. I never noticed any real sound change with the covers off. I used to like the look. Now I prefer the covers on. Removing them is easy. They are held on with solder to the base...
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    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    I have the brown case that came with my '18 SG special. I really hate how it looks and how bulky it is (yeah, protection, sure). I'd take that black one in the OP all day long. The 61s come with the hard case (got a '61 stop bar myself). Anything below that is a soft case (I assume they are...
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    Who has upgraded Epiphone P90s?

    I prefer standard gibson p90s. My only epi with p90s right now is a casino. I absolutely hate the sound. They read about 13k resistance compared to gibsons which read around 8k. Compared to the p90s in my gibson LP and SG the epi p90s are very dark, very muddy, very fuzzy and flat. I could not...
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    KLUSON 'REVOLUTION Tuning Machines....ROCK !Opinions?

    The revolution tuners are excellent. They work fine, fit in the same holes, and don't pull the eye on modern, thick heads like my '18 SG special. They blend in enough and the 18:1 action is so much better than the gibson deluxe. I had to buy something when this guitar arrived with a couple of...
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    Potential neck issue - Gibson USA

    I have an 2018 SG Special with some issues. The gibson logo, crown and fret markers are all a few millimetres off centre. It came brand new with 2 broken tuners and a few other issues. It plays like a champ so I kept it. My 97 Les Paul has every tuning peg screwed on at a different angle. Kept...

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