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    SG Classic Custom - POLL: Should I paint it?

    IMO....sell it and get another that fits what you want. You really hurt the value when it gets a re-fin. Also IMO....the ebony looks way better. The cherry with gold hardware makes me want to throw up.
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    Neck dive: A permanent solution.

    I use a Levy's 2" cotton strap; no neck dive. I do wish they would add 1/4" thickness to the SG body though.
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    2018 SG Faded vs Standard

    You can get a used Standard for around the same price as a new Special Faded. Personally, I prefer the bling of a Standard: FB inlays, neck binding, shiny HS inlays, chrome hardware, gloss finish. But I have to admit that the faded necks feel way better than a gloss finish. They're super...
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    SG with Flying V Headstock

    I used to know Tim a long time ago. I was a roadie for a band that was on tour with Clutch back in 1994. We used to talk a lot, Neil too, though I doubt either would remember me now. His was the first, afaik. He told me that he had broken the HS on the SG (i was there the day he bought that SG...
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    New guy here, buying an SG...

    Yes. My 2016 needed both the nut slots and frets filed down, along with the typical truss rod adjustment and other setup items. Now it plays awesomely, and no buzzing.
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    Another forum, Ugh!

    Just tell them that they’re all just angry and jealous b/c they don’t have real vintage LP’s. lol
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    Another forum, Ugh!

    I meant which forum on MLP. The Backstage can be like that, but the other forums are pretty mellow, especially the SG one. I’m an MLP regular. There’s some characters there. Not sure what happened.
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    Another forum, Ugh!

    Which forum were you on?
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    Anyone know this model?

    Cool, thanks.
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    Anyone know this model?

    I ran across this photo of The Dickies (L.A. punk band dating back to the '70's). This photo is late '70's/early '80's. I've never seen a split inlay SG like this before. Anyone know what year and model it is?
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    Where the Gibson nitro smell?

    2016 SG Standard that I got new last year; still has a very strong vanilla scent.
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    What strap do you guys use on your SG's ?

    Levy's cotton-canvas
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    Why the SG?

    I wanted to buy a LP Trad from Sweetwater on credit. I was only approved for $1200. So I bought a SG Standard. I'm absolutely in love with it.
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    Early 70's SG Custom at local music shop

    Me too. Just not on Customs. It's too plain, imo. Perfect for Standards and below though.
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    Early 70's SG Custom at local music shop

    Nice guitar. Natural isn't my favorite Custom color, but I wouldn't say no if they were giving it away, that's for sure.

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