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    SG Supreme in Ocean Blue

    damn thats sweet!
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    Case or stand?

    peace of mind in the case baby,,,
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    Gibson SG Special Faded Finish (??)

    04' was a good year ;) same as mine...great axes..
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    WOW......disapointed 2014 and 2015 SGJ AND SG

    sharp fret ends, yep, you get them.. when i shopped for my faded over 10 years ago, i had to rifle through to find one, the one i bought, that didnt have that one store..other stores later on, i found all of them were good...theres bad apples in every bunch it seems..
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    Gibson SG Special Faded in TV Yellow or Worn Yellow

    id love me one of those yeller' ones, very cool..
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    Top 10 Things I've Learned on ESG

    sounds good to me!
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    Gave her the classic silver top hats...

    looks nice man! i did the same with my faded, i used shoe laces,worked fine....
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    NGD! 2003 Gibson SG Special Faded.

    sweet man contrats!! i got the same axe only a year later 2004, love em with the ebony fretboard!
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    Glorious Fadeds

    :) she turned 10 in april.. Iommi bridge 57+ neck, ebony go to.
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    New here and to SG ownership, just got a Special HH

    don't forget about the Iommi's, i swapped out my 490 in the bridge for 1, and 500 k push pull pot.. and even with the 57+ in the neck, its about as loud as the neck...+1 on leveling the pups too, that helped my sound...
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    Fix your tilted pickups..

    i think with humbuckers it levels both to be even with the strings..i noticed a difference when i did it.. like i said, with p-90's, i didnt do it, i can't see it making a difference, being single coil..i may be wrong.
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    Fix your tilted pickups..

    i did that on my humbuckered Faded, didnt with my Classic.. i tend to believe sound wise its not necessary due to them being single coils. unless its for the looks.. i did hear an improvement after doing it to my Faded for sure
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    Coil split in my SG Faded?

    yep, mine barely fit:ohno:
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    Coil split in my SG Faded?

    options are nice.. i put a Iommi with split in my fadeds bridge position. i love it.. my guy put in a push pull 500k pot..dont know 50's wiring..:dunno:
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    Why the SG is the ultimate guitar!

    love the Butterfly :thumb:

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