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    Made my decision on an SG need some advice.

    I have the Epi Custom Ebony and a Gibson Special - I'm selling the Gibson, the Epi is the better guitar - for me, anyway.
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    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pickup Rings

    Looking for replacement pickup rings for my Epi LP Custom. All of the replacement parts (All Parts, etc.) Ive found are too large. Corner mounting screw holes are at least a mm too far apart. Any idea where I can get correct sized parts? MRK
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    Ground wire question - does it attach to the bridge anchor, or a tailpiece anchor? I pulled the tailpiece anchors and plugged the holes with wood, replaced the tailpiece with a maestro trem. I plugged the guitar in for the first time and it’s buzzy as hell unless I touch the output jack, seems...
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    Yep, and I'll have hours of enjoyment fixing and modding it into a guitar that I will have hours of enjoyment playing. MRK
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    It’s pretty gnarly, besides the break there are multiple cracks running about a third way down the neck. Nothing that can’t be fixed with good ole Titebond. Also looking at new pickups and wiring.
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    Yep, apparently all is well. I’m used to seeing the nut at the end of the rod that you see on a Gibson truss rod. Thanks Norton!
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    Hmm... I’ll have to take a closer look. The opening looks circular, nothing for a wrench end to grab onto.
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    Epiphone SG Project Question

    Noted the adjustment nut is missing from the truss rod-see photo. Is this a fairly easy fix, or am I looking at replacing the truss rod? I’m pretty handy with this stuff, but don’t want to be ripping apart this thing for a $150 guitar. Thoughts?
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    Guitar models you've never wanted!

    Firebird Tele Strat - with the exception of my son's Squier Strat Any BC Rich Flying V
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    Vibrato for 2017 sg?

    I use roller bridges on all of my Bigsby-equipped guitars, they work great for me. MRK
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    RIP J. Geils.

    My fave live has to be "Blow Your Face Out," though admittedly I've never heard "Full House." I was probably the only 70s teenager who hated "Frampton Comes Alive." MRK
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    Why just a bridge pickup on a guitar

    I was always a multiple pickup guitar guy, until I got a hold of a 72 SG I. I replaced the stock mini-whateverthehellitis pickup with a full-size Burstbucker and added a Maestro for good measure, and it has been my go-to ever since. Admittedly, I'm mostly a punk, hardcore and thrash kinda guy...
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    Greg Lake dies, aged 69.

    Emerson and Palmer owe a huuuuge debt to the guy. Can you imagine having to manage those egos as the producer, in addition to handling vox, guitar and bass? MRK
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    Vibrola for Navigtor and Burny SG

    Widely varying opinions out there on Maestro-style vibrolas. From my own experience, I love 'em. I rock hard on my SGs, so the gentle vibrato of a Bigsby is more suited to my big-body jazz box. With a little tinkering you can do some fairly gnarly dive-bombing ala Frank Marino with the Maestro...
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    Early Melody Maker D - 1965/66

    Yes, the wood is in great condition. No weirdness that I've been able to identify. I will post progress pics as I get going on this.

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