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Aug 29, 1976 (Age: 45)

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    Aug 29, 1976 (Age: 45)


    Music related gear :

    Current guitar setup :

    Epiphone SG Special (black with various visual mods and a set of IronGear Blues Engine (neck) + Dirty Torque (bridge) pickups installed) ->->

    Mosky Black Rat (Rat clone, in Vintage mode, set to a medium gain type of distortion, always used stacked with the American Sound overdrive) -> Joyo American Sound (set to a lower medium gain type of overdrive, sometimes used stacked with the Black Rat) -> { Behringer UT100 Ultra Tremolo (sometimes combined with the chorus, and always used in conjunction with the Artec equalizer in front of it as a slight boost, due to a slight volume drop when engaged) -> Artec SE-EQ8 Graphic EQ (exclusively used to boost the volume of the tremolo behind it slightly, only using it's level [Gain] control) } -> Zoom MS-70 CDR Multi Stomp (exclusively used for a really lush chorus effect with a relatively high rate setting, for which a vibrato effect mixed with clean signal is used, almost always used combined with the tremolo) -> Boss LS-2 [A+B Mix<->Bypass] (parallel effects loop pedal) -> ={ Loop A of LS-2 Send -> Monarch MFL-22 (flanger, almost always used in conjunction with the phaser in effects Loop B) -> Loop A of LS-2 Return >||< Loop B of LS-2 Send -> XVive V6 Phaser King (using an almost maxed out feedback setting, and almost always used in conjunction with the flanger in effects Loop A) -> Loop B of LS-2 Return (Loop A/Loop B mixed at an about 50/50 ratio) }=> / [Bypass] -> Output of LS-2 -> Zoom G1Xon (digital multi effect, used for my always on plate reverb, and additionally also being used for respectively a "clean" and a modulated delay/reverb pad effect)

    ->-> EHX Black Finger (always on tube driven optical compressor, set to a relatively slow attack time and with a high threshold) -> Peavey Solo Special 112 (160W solid state combo amp, equipped with a 12" Scorpion speaker unit, with the Bright switch engaged [+6dB @ 2kHz], the passive EQ's Mid control set at about 2 o'clock, High to at about 1 o'clock, and the active Presence control set to boost the highest frequencies just about 1dB)

    For recording :

    Using the Preamp Out (line out) of my amp, followed by a Behringer Tube Ultragain Mic100 (preamp) ->-> Edirol FireWire Audio Capture FA-101 (sound interface), or miked up with my Supreme TU-97 (tube condenser microphone), recording in my preferred DAW, Reaper.

    Other instruments :

    - An Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro bass, with a P/J set of EMG Geezer Butler pickups wired directly to the output jack socket

    - An Ibanez GSRM25 Mikro bass, 5 string, tuned in F# standard tuning, as in 2 half steps above standard E tuning, both stock J pickups wired in series directly to the output jack socket

    - A Santana 3/4 scale classical acoustic nylon string guitar

    - Aria Pro II Laser Electric Classic bass, at the moment converted to a 4 string baritone slide guitar tuned: A (same as guitar open A string)- C (1 step below bass open D string)- F (½ step above guitar open low E string)- C (1 step below guitar open D string)

    - A vintage but really crappy 24 fret short scale Egmond bass from the late 60's, converted to a 4 string baritone slide guitar as well, by installing a raised nut, as well as raising the string action

    - An Ibanez Mikro GSRM20B bass in Weathered Black finish, that had some imperfect fretwork which I failed to correct and ended up completely ruining instead. Might eventually convert it to a fretless bass.

    - Various different instruments: metallophone (glockenspiel), melodica, harmonica, accordion, assorted bells, a small key synth made for kids, various wooden flutes, a variety of homemade percussion instruments, midi keyboard with weighted keys, and with that, perhaps most important, various software samplers/instruments and sequencers: Reason 5, and used with my prefered DAW, Reaper : Kontakt 5, EZdrummer 2, and various free VSTi instruments.

    Other amps :

    - Peavey XR-600B Mixer Amp, 200W solid state amp head, used in conjunction with my SWR Triad I cab (1x15" + 1x10" + high frequency horn), for my bass setup


    Influences and Inspiration :

    Guitar players :

    Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Alan Sparhawk, Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo, Sonny Sharrock, Frank Zappa, Adrian Belew, Adam Jones, J. Mascis

    Bass players :

    Victor Wooten, Chris Wood, Bill Laswell, Trevor Dunn, Julie Slick, Justin Chancellor, Cliff Burton, Lou Barlow, Paz Lenchantin, Jack Casady, Peter Hook

    Bands/Artists :

    Dinosaur Jr., Velvet Underground, Sunn O))), Mr. Bungle, Last Exit (the avantgarde/free jazz band, not the jazz fusion band of the same name), Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band, Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention, Syd Barrett, Bill Frisell, Low, Tool, Tortoise, Earth, Ween, Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, Espers, Feathers (the psych folk band), Leonard Cohen (primarily his early stuff), Nick Drake, Will Oldham (primarily Palace Brothers/Palace Music and early Bonnie 'Prince' Billy), Sibylle Baier, Eric's Trip, Chelsea Wolfe, Matt Elliott, Current 93, The Knife, Fever Ray, The Third Eye Foundation, Portishead (mainly "Third"), Tim Hecker, Coil


    Releases with various projects I have been involved with :

    Old projects I was a part of :

    Menfolk (hardcore and noise rock influenced math rock) :

    Menfolk - Double Date (Split single with The Unit)

    Menfolk - Are we enemies (Split EP with Barra Head)

    (Menfolk - Colossus (Album, where I helped compose a few tracks, but didn't record anything))

    Janosch (lo-fi indie pop) :

    Janosch - Inhere Outhere (EP)

    Janosch - Holesong (Featuring on the compilation Danelectro)

    In Menfolk I played one of the two basses, as well as contributed to the compositions and some of the lyrics.

    In Janosch I did bass, lead guitar, backing vocals, and contributed to the compositions as well as some additional lyrics.

    Janosch and Menfolk can be found on the various online digital music streaming services and stores, such as Spotify or YouTube, and if you do a search for Menfolk on Bandcamp all their music is up there for free listening as well.

    And my current projects - all solo projects, consisting of home recordings :

    Fjernsind (drone/ambient/noise, predominantly in the darker and more experimental end of the spectrum, originally sharing my own name, Jacob Læby)

    ...and for such a long time (alternative folk, originally quite lo-fi, but new songs, featuring better production, on the way)

    Electro Jar (psychedelic downtempo electronic music, originally a duo with Jackie Rasmusen as the other member)

    Flystyrt (experimental music, primarily utilizing electronic elements, featuring my own original, predominantly Danish, poems)

    Music by these projects can be found, listened to, and downloaded for free on Bandcamp.


    ( For various stuff composed and recorded by me check out my YouTube channel : )


    Fjernsind (dark drone/ambient) :

    ...and for such a long time (alternative folk) :

    Electro Jar (psychedlic electronic) :




    My experimental dark ambient/drone project "Fjernsind" :

    My alternative folk project "...and for such a long time" :