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    Rainbow Green Gibson Explorer

    looks pretty white. but an explorer in any color = Rock!
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    Question about Precision Guitar Kits SG kit - school me about the body shape

    yeah... I'd get a pic straight from precision. They've changed that shape like 4 times on their website.
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    Template/dimensions for locating tailpiece holes

    easy to mount a tailpiece. there should be tons of videos showing this process. find the centerline on your neck... your bridge and your lyre tailpiece. establish that line... it's key. then position your tailpiece at the distance you want it from your bridge.... establish a 90...
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    Even good players get anal with new guitars

    wow. this is a "problem"???
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    Neck split

    I dunno... that kind of crack can totally be from an impact. It's not a problem... but it's a very fixable bargaining chip.
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    The All New Not A Real Flying V Build Thread

    what is that nut??
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    ESP Viper & GUILD Polara

    Other than the more aggressive lines on the ESP they're all pretty similar guitars. similar construction etc..
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    ESP Viper & GUILD Polara

    esp Viper??
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    The All New Not A Real Flying V Build Thread

    those dean USA pickups are pretty freaking fantastic. I don't know about the Shenker models in specific... but generally... really good. Does Dean make them in house? or do they contract their pickup winding out??
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    Pots & Caps on a 1991 SG-62

    I've seen plenty of 300k pots but never a 100k one. ill type it again. c r a z y :wow:
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    Pots & Caps on a 1991 SG-62

    c r a z y!
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    Pots & Caps on a 1991 SG-62

    91 should be at the very end of the 300k pots. never heard of a 100k pot stock in a gibson. duckduckgo knows pot codes and it says yours are CTS 500k.
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    What glue is on my SG neck

    The stuff that dried clear and hard does NOT look like titebond. that looks more like hide glue. which would be. kind of surprising for 1987. I'd put the question out on the les Paul forums. As far as removal goes.... outside of epoxy or CA glue the answer is going to be steam and...

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