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    Red Under Ebony Paint Finish

    Can we see more pics of the guitar please
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    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    Interesting that one has the standard location and the other the 61 location (higher up). Are you sure one isn’t a custom shop?
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    Brand new Gibson SG Standard headstock chip - can it be repaired?

    To me it looks like it is just in the finish. Almost a classic, headstock off the symbol chip. No need to worry about integrity or cracks etc. the only loss off here is that you bought it new, potentially, like that. You could be honest and say the day you bought it you noticed it and would...
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    Gibson SG headstock Logo and Crown alignment

    I ran the serial number and nothing came back. Tried it with 0’s and O’s, with no luck. Personally, if anything is suspect on a guitar I walk away. Especially if I am not seeing it in person. Unless that is a clearly marked a B Stock guitar I would put my wallet back in my pocket
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    Any Murphy Lab SG owners?

    I have a VOS aged SG and have looked at the Murphy lab ones. I am not a huge fan of the ultra aged ones, but light aged is perfect. Just enough marks to take anxiety away from that first ding. With VOS it just becomes “another” ding lol
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    3 Peice Necks... What year?

    I have an SG with a 3 piece quarter-sawn maple neck. Feels super solid to me.
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    Why are new SG Standards up in price?

    Your question could alternatively be posed as, “why isn’t the LP going up in price”
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    I Moved My Strap Button!

    No need for this type of comment. Looks like the member did a great job and obviously intentionally placed it where he did.
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    Gibson SG '61 Reissue Propietary Ltd Edition

    Dam that looks good
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    Recommendation for Truss Rod Cover Engraving - Irish 4 Leaf Clover

    This is kind of different, I like it. OP, whatever you decide on please keep us posted with photos and source. Good luck!
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    Let’s see some Pelham Blue SG’s

    Not usually my style, not I love that
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    1980 SG Firebrand headstock color

    Nice Playing JGodin. Love it. Any other links to your music?
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    Live shows: How long do you take to warm up?

    Good evening, I like you am a living room rockstar, well basement anyways. But I agree, I have about 3-4 songs I like that I play along with the album, sometimes not even the whole song. Just warming up, quick chord changes, playing with tone. But I would say 15-20 and I am pretty much ready to...
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    I have a question.

    What are you doing the modification for, aesthetics or function. Assuming it’s neck dive, buy a good strap and be done with it. I have a number of SG’s and non have neck dive.
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    any SG modern owners?

    100% correct Mr D, I have posted these guitars many times, although almost exclusively on this site. I haven’t bought much new in a few years, so I feel like I am posting the same old ones.