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    Neck Dive

    Also Rube Goldberg.
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    Tougher than I thought

    Saturday night, I missed a step and went flying onto the concrete sidewalk. My SG standard, in its stock hard case, hit the pavement hard and bounced twice. With the absolute knowledge that the guitar was broken, I slowly opened the case. Nope, nothing -- no breaks, no cracks. The case, on the...
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    61 Reissue more treble?

    1. Have you adjusted pickup heights at all? Closer to strings should fatten up a bit, but there is often a "sweet spot". 2. Your amp has knobs, use 'em.
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    Fretboard binding nitro finish crack and flaking

    1. I wouldn't "repair" it. It's worse than I'd expect, but doesn't effect playability and a repair won't help the value. 2. Just for S&G, how and where do you store the guitar? Do you live in a very humid climate? Do you clean it? If so, how? What products have you used on this guitar? There...
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    Are 57s the best pickups or the most over-hyped?

    Not the biggest fan of 57s. In a hollowbody they're pretty good, because they're pretty clear and let the wood shine through, otherwise I find them both bland and brittle.
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    SG bridge question

    The main reason an ABR1 is better is because guitars with an OEM ABR1 screw the studs directly into the wood. Replacing a Nashville with an ABR1 and adapters doesn't change the fact that you are still screwing the studs into metal inserts. That being said, when I put new pickups on an SG, the...
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    SG bridge question

    Yup, my 2016 LP Studio had those adjusters. Actually quite handy.
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    Are gibbon neck angle problems a myth?

    If your nut slots are cut properly and you load your strings properly and you tune your guitar properly, a Gibson will hold tune perfectly. 1. Nut slots: from the factory, the nuts are all cut too high and not fine tuned for string gauge, and not always angled well. A good dealer will fix this...
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    Going to look at my first SG - Any advice?

    Yes. Yes. Those are the short answers. The SG Standard is the best of the SG line, in my opinion. The 2013 is a good year as Gibson discontinued the '61 Reissue and except for the bridge and width of the headstock, the Standard of that year has the same spec's as the Reissue which cost 50%...
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    Help !

    There's an actual tear in my eye -- absolutely gorgeous!
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    My Orville Les Paul Goldtop

    You've got a fine instrument, there.
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    Dots on the Neck

    They don't want that good stuff, they want that "Bro" country. Some hairy baritone hunk in a hat, singing monotone "songs" about trucks, beer and love. Bad rock with twang. If that stuff is playing in the coffee shop, I get mine to go.
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    Shush! I'm retired and living on a fixed income.
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    neck angle

    A higher neck angle makes manufacturing easier as your tolerance is +or-. With a flat angle you don't have a lot of - for tolerance. All things being equal, I prefer a lower neckset angle. The guitars with lower angles tend to have more "ping" and a somewhat better singing quality. Of course...