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    Why oh why oh why can'† they QC?!

    Get the extra lacquer from the truss rod nut with a x-acto knife. Supper easy to do, especially if you are already comfortable setting up your own guitar. No biggie.
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    Am I the only one with tuning stability on my Maestro?

    A healthy nut is the secret to tuning stability.
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    Faber / Gibson ABR-1 conversion

    I could’ve sworn Faber used to market those inserts to be used with Gibson ABR-1 bridges. Either the Faber dude is trying to push people buying the Faber bridge, which I wouldn’t put past them, or customer support dude is mixing stuff up. Edit: Here for for the incredulous
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I think that’s the point of the Faded and now Tribute line. No fluff, just the essential to make a good guitar that is focused almost entirely in sounding good and playing well. I find them awesome and very inspiring. In my experience many of the 2018 ones had bad fret ends, which is...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I have enough experience with guitars, particularly with Gibson, to have to agree with you. Gibson may rough cut the necks on CNC, but the final profiling of the neck is done by hand. There is a ton of variation both in depth and overall shape/geometry. Neck depth can vary between 0.79” at the...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    You played the Standard ‘61 hard tail and the Standard ‘61 with Maestro. The fretboard width on those are exactly the same, though. The neck profiles are also the same, however, because they are finished by hand, there can be some variation. What I’m guessing might have happened is that the one...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    Oh man, I see so much wasted potential with how people pull the trigger way too fast to swap parts. The neck pickup on my R9 for instance was very muddy at first. I have since learned to tame it and I absolutely love it now. If I were to listen to the web experts I would have dished another...
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    Pre-owned SG

    Totally agree. My Slash Standard played terrible when I first got it. Action at the nut was way too high and it was binding, neck relief needed a quarter turn, action was a bit too high and pickups were ways too high as well. Less than 30min setup made the guitar come to life both in the playing...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    We don’t know for sure if Gibson still uses the same grading system they used up to 2017. In 2018 their spec sheets became much less detailed. However, there is enough evidence to suggest Gibson at least still weighs their body blanks and allocate them to models according to weight. If we go to...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    You really don’t need a ridiculous amount of money for an amazing SG. That’s coming from someone who owns a Custom Shop SG. I think you’d be in good hands with any of the SGs of the current lineup. I have yet to play a bad one. Because you were interested in the Standard ‘61 with Maestro, I...
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    So i got my first SG!

    Thank you, now I want a 2012 SG. Happy now? :rofl:
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    So i got my first SG!

    Nice. Everything about this guitar, the fretboard, the thin finish that reveals a hint of the mahogany pores underneath at certain angles, etc. just makes this guitar look so inviting as if begging to be played. Great find.
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    Stimulus and Neck Profiles

    To the best of my knowledge they are 500k pots. They’ve been using 500k for a while so they probably think everyone will correctly assume 500k.
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    I’m 4 for 4 with Gibson CS guitars in terms of not having to do any work on them, including the nut. With non-CS the only ones that did not need any work at the nut were the LP Special I bought from Wildwoods, a 2017 LP Standard HP, which had a titanium nut, a Gibson Studio Acoustic guitar and...

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