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    Gibson Maestro Mini Flying V

    I got one for my gf's kid and I was very disappointed there was no truss rod under the truss rod cover. I had to shim the neck to get the action lower.
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    High performance pickgaurd

    I'm just curious, you inferred that you didn't drill the horn for the strap button. Did this particular model have the button there in the first place? I've never seen that before.
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    High performance pickgaurd

    Pickguard planet (Chandler guitars) is the best place to order custom pickguards from. Thousands of templates and materials and they will modify any of them upon request. I ordered mine without screw holes on my 71 since I wasn't taking a chance on the holes lining up. I also had to have a...
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    Yes please!!!

    I posted a pic of this beast a couple months ago. I love it. Especially the headstock and trc.
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    NGD: Holy Smokes Red Batman

    I prefer those bell knobs. Mine go to 11.
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    Where would one order pickguard for 2018 sg hp

    Pickguard planet (Chandler guitars) is also an excellent place for custom pickguards. I had mine made with no screw holes so i could line them up perfectly. If you're determined to go this route get a guard made with no holes and use 3M double sided poster tape sparingly to attach it. The tape...
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    This is kind of fun (CL find)

    Here's my 68
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    3 pt bridge.

    Hipshot makes a good drop in replacement.
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    Deal of the century !

    Look what else the seller has, a Hendrix strat! You can even meet Leon Hendrix for verification.
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    Nose diving SG Bass

    They all do it. Even my melody maker and slot head EB-0 which have lighter headstocks Previous owners moved strap buttons but i use the original locations and it really doesn't bother me
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    Let's see your vintage SG!

    Ok so they're technically not SGs. My all original 68 melody maker bass and my 71 EB-0 bass completely restomodded.
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    Please help with this SG copy.

    I'm curious about the headstock. I'm assuming a gibson veneer was applied during the repaint, and it was a crappy job if this is a newer guitar. And what's up with those W.German tuners? Assuming it was originally a bolt on, it's also interesting that the neck pocket holes were filled then a...
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    Guitar center bankruptcy

    Did I mention lately that I briefly worked for GC many years ago? I was working for a small chain of local retailers when GC opened up nearby. I thought I was going where the money was. How wrong I was. A complete clusterfu(k of an operation. Their commissions are so terrible you're likely to...
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    Please help with this SG copy.

    What makes you so sure it's a copy?