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    Telecaster Kit

    Was able to finish up the final assembly this weekend and aside from one major issue it all came together pretty well. And I don't know what it is about the color but my phone has a tough time capturing it accurately. It's called 'summer squash' and is pretty close to the third picture below of...
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    Telecaster Kit

    Yes sir. A basic assembly would have been too easy.
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    Telecaster Kit

    @DrBGood I'm definitely taking shortcuts on this one and wanted something that I could turn around pretty quickly with minimal investment yet still give me a chance to make it my own. It's been over 10 years since my last custom build from scratch so am a little rusty on my technique. Just...
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    Telecaster Kit

    Bought a DIY tele kit last week cause I've always wanted one. Photos coming...
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    Replacement Pickups for PAF tone

    I cannot say enough good things about my experience with GFS pickups. Very clean response and articulate note to note definition... and on the neck PU! All future upgrades/experiments I do will be with their models as they are well-built, give the nice quick connect/disconnect feature to try...
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    Special Faded 2002 Crescent Moon Inlays

    Welcome to the forum Zabaraskus! Currently I have noticed listing prices over $900 US, but again these are asking prices not what they will sell for. I purchased one back in April from Guitar Center for $695.00 US plus tax and shipping. Mine was purchased already modified by previous owners...
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    Do Grovers look "right" on an SG?

    I'm ok with the variety of options on most any element, except for the NUT. For me a brass or dark nut just seems wrong (visually).
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    Scored an SG what model is it?

    As others have pointed out it is a Standard SG. Not counting modified or special limited editions (also discontinued editions), you can always count on the fretboard inlays to clue you in on a specific model type. Juniors/Specials/Classics = Dots Standards = Trapezoid Custom = Block Yours...
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    Looking at 2002 SG, restored- what should I look for?

    From the photos I do not see any structural damage that would affect playability... also do not see any obvious fire or smoke damage anywhere. You mentioned the plastics were replaced and that makes sense. As far as the neck joint if it were to have had significant heat to potentially weaken the...
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    Gibson SG Standard vs Tokai 124

    I have purchased over 10 guitars from various sellers (primarily in Japan) through both ebay and reverb... and have never paid import fees. I'm in Illinois, USA. On average the shipping costs have either been free (included in price) to between $130 and $200 depending on the seller. Usually...
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    What is your favorite guitar ?

    Witch hats and Keystones! Out of all the guitars I’m fortunate to possess, this is the one on the stand by the bed and gets the most playtime.
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    Awesome, a few Bacchus! Maybe start a new thread and share some pics, they are excellent guitars. I'm still hoping @Satellitedog comes back with pics of his Greco mod.
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    3 Peice Necks... What year?

    Google says around '69. I believe 5 piece necks are the cats meow but some people say one and done.
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    What year Greco SG is this?

    No Burny guitars Hondo, Aria Pro II, LTD, Gibson, Bacchus, Greco, Edwards
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    SG pics to drool over

    How about an ebony (stain) and ivory? It once brought Paul and Michael harmony.

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