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    One reason to stay..with vocals!

    Ok, my girl friend, Aly, and I done this last night. I'm playing all the guitar parts and she's singing. Hope you enjoy it. :) Oop's..sorry I put this in the wrong place. :oops:
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    My Music

    ;D Uh..huh. You've never heard me sing. Thank your lucky star's for that too GW. ;)
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    My Music

    :( I wish I could sing......they would take me to jail if I did. Thanks for the listen oldrockfan! :)
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    My Music

    Thanks GW! :)
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    My Music

    Heres a link to my music. Hope you enjoy it. Not very good but it's all fun. :)
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    Hello everyone

    Ok, you ask for it..... :D
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    Hello everyone

    Sorry, last time I put up some pic's on a forum they were all over the net. However, I do have some music on soundclick that my girl friend and I have been making and I'll post some here soon. As for gear, I only have some pic's of my guitar collection. :)
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks you guys. gotdabluz and six string, I can't belive you guys are still hanging around but I'm glad you are. I've missed all of you guys! I'm so sorry that I've been gone so long but I'm still playing and am recording some with my girl friend Aly. We just have a blast doing it. I guess you...
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    Hello everyone

    :) You do? I hope it was good vkgphil. Yup, I know what you mean. I think I was a bad girl when I was here at first. My first forum and all ya know, hehe. I'm a good girl now though. No more teasing. ;)
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    Hello everyone

    Thanks Tom! I've been so busy with so many things going on, I haven't had any time for the forum. :(
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    Hello everyone

    Hi all, just checking in to see whats changed. ;)
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    Smooth Tune

    Thanks wease. I,m glad you like it hon. :coolsmiley:
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    My music (if you can call it that)

    Wow, I really like it. ;)
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    :) Thank you SG.
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    Song I'm working on

    I like it. Great sounds from that Gibby. :)

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