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    New Iguana Burst

    I image most guitar techs would be challenged to set up a neck with very short frets, shaved down, and have it not buzz all over. I like the idea, but I have had 3 guys tell me that they couldn't set my Faded 2002 lower with it's regular frets, and leaving me with buzzing between the 9th through...
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    Gibson sg faded T 2017 info ?

    I have a 2002 Faded. I really hated the baseball bat skinny neck, as the shoulder pained my thumb. I took an electric sander to it and little by little I got it down to a soft "V". I really like it now. I know many wouldn't do it, but I had it for so long and couldn't find/afford another one...
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    Dimarzio Fortitude in an SG?

    Have you tried and EQ? Sounds too simple, but it will give you many sounds of many pickups by tweaking the dials.
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    Wow. that is the first time I've seen the moons past the 12th fret! They look like they've been added later. Know anything about that? I had thought about putting something in the blank spots on mine, but, whatever.
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    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Other than esthetics, I thought the pickups had to be angled with the strings on my Faded. I just tested that hypothesis. Using my finger to push the pickups parallel to the strings and with them not - I strummed, listened carefully, and realized it made no difference whatsoever. Just play your...
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    SG sounding choked and plinky

    Wow dude, lighten up. If you don't agree with his input, just move on and give your own to the OP. Col. Mustard has always given direct, clear, input. He didn't have a problem with his instruments in the same way I had, but I learned some things from him. He likes his Faded's' neck profile, but...
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    Bought a used SG Faded - Has the finish been modified?

    the bevels on the faded models were kind of sheepishly done - not deep, nor sharp. I think it's an improvement. Keep it, change the color or add to it.
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    Greg Hetson ALWAYS with an SG, since 1979.

    One of my fave SG players. Greg Hetson.
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    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    Jane has been playing SGs for a long time.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    Got a 310 also with JB/Jazz. Sounds much better than before, THOUGH, in comparison to the 490s of my Gibson Faded, they are a bit dark. Maybe had I changed the caps, it may have brightened up.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I was going to put a Jazz/JB in it, but kept it with the 490s. I listened to many 57 comparisons and heard little difference, so, they stay.
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    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    There are many comparison vids, here is one:
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    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    I find them to be very versatile. I can play blues, to punk and they do everything in between too. I don't know what it is that isn't working for you. If you need more gain, you get that from an amp and effects. The 490s are crystal clear, so that helps in making your chords defined. But, many...
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    New tuners on my Epi SG G-310

    I'll never get rid of my 2011, Made in Indonesia G-310 (shown in my avatar with my Gibson), it has a sleek and fast neck, almost black like ebony and with the JB/Jazz and push pulls, it keeps up with others.
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    Biddlin' Foster

    wow. sorry to hear this. Yes, he was an integral component of the forums, and we jousted back and forth at times, but I always appreciated his input. Peace to you!

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