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    Greg Hetson ALWAYS with an SG, since 1979.

    One of my fave SG players. Greg Hetson.
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    Jane Wiedlin rocking her SG Jr.

    Jane has been playing SGs for a long time.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    Got a 310 also with JB/Jazz. Sounds much better than before, THOUGH, in comparison to the 490s of my Gibson Faded, they are a bit dark. Maybe had I changed the caps, it may have brightened up.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I was going to put a Jazz/JB in it, but kept it with the 490s. I listened to many 57 comparisons and heard little difference, so, they stay.
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    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    There are many comparison vids, here is one:
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    490 Pickups in my Special T...blah.

    I find them to be very versatile. I can play blues, to punk and they do everything in between too. I don't know what it is that isn't working for you. If you need more gain, you get that from an amp and effects. The 490s are crystal clear, so that helps in making your chords defined. But, many...
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    New tuners on my Epi SG G-310

    I'll never get rid of my 2011, Made in Indonesia G-310 (shown in my avatar with my Gibson), it has a sleek and fast neck, almost black like ebony and with the JB/Jazz and push pulls, it keeps up with others.
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    Biddlin' Foster

    wow. sorry to hear this. Yes, he was an integral component of the forums, and we jousted back and forth at times, but I always appreciated his input. Peace to you!
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    2005 Gibson SG Faded, for $1,800 !!!!

    I already told her that it wasn't a standard and she acknowledged that she thought she changed them, so she intentionally left it that way after my comments.
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    2005 Gibson SG Faded, for $1,800 !!!!

    She said she knew, but left it anyhow. Mysterious.......
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    2005 Gibson SG Faded, for $1,800 !!!!

    Don't know, but public sloberin' aside, I think there must be a reason she leaves it at that price, as well as with her pic holding the guitar.
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    2005 Gibson SG Faded, for $1,800 !!!!

    Get it while you can! I wrote to her to let her know it wasn't a Standard as she stated, and she told me she thought she had removed / and changed all the posts to reflect that. That was over two months ago. Well, it's her guitar...
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    Sell a Gibson, buy an Epiphone

    I've been playing my 2011 Epi G310 (Indonesia) for years and the frets are fact, they are less worn then my Gibson's.
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    Pickups for SG 310?

    I would go with medium output pickups. I have a Jazz/JB in my G310, plus push/push pots for 'series/parallel' and it sounds great. THOUGH, If I were to do it again, I'd use a less hot bridge pickup and put in a "Pearly Gates". You can get the crunch and gain from your amp/pedals, etc. Make sure...
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    Who is this playing bass in The Doors? Is that Krieger?

    You might be on to something: "Brooks also played live with the Doors at the Forum in Los Angeles and Madison Square Garden in New York...."

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