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    New Gibson SG Faded 2016 nut issues - advice needed!

    I had to do a bit of widening the slot on the high E of my 2013 70's trib. Apparently gibson made it exactly big enough for the stock .009" high e string and my .010" high e string was just wide enough to bind in it. Literally took 30 seconds with my .011 or so fret file and it was gtg. I...
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    Latest Worn G-400 with binding?

    That's no Korean SG! That's an Unsong China like mine! Oh and howdy Doc!
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    Whats Smarterer?

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    I should buy this, shouldn't I ?

    IF it has the original pickups it's easily worth $100 just for those. Otherwise pass pass pass. That headstock break looks shady to my eyes.
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    What do you think of P90s?

    Also if you're a fan of SGs and P-90s keep an eye out for the 2011 "1961" 50th anniversary Epi SG Specials. They also come in black. Thin, fast, set necks, bound fretboard, wraptail bridge. It's like travelling back in time, but much cheaper.
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    What do you think of P90s?

    P-90s rule. I also like minihumbuckers. P-90s have much less compression than either regular old Fender single coils or Gibson humbuckers. I.e. they're "hairyer" sounding.
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    Is this a Finish Crack?

    Yeah claiming isn't your job, just return it. I own about 10 poly finished guitars that have all gotten plenty of play time. Zero cracks in any of their finishes. Not as advertised, full refund, return at his cost.
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    Is this a Finish Crack?

    No reason to chance it. Poly doesn't tend to crack unless it's stressed by a crack underneath. 100% refund, not as advertised / damaged in shipment. I wouldn't even pay shipping back. Unless the crack was in the pictures, this is completely unacceptable
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    Hats off to Gibson (Again), A nice little tool that comes in all the 2017s. (and some 2016's)

    I did get a Gibson TR tool with one of my Epiphone SGs tho. sigh.
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    Show us your Epi!

    Very nice.
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    My Three Cherry Epi SGs.

    Pretty much this. Also once the frets are taken care of it's a great player.
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    NGD - another SG! (Surprise surprise :0)

    We should really just start a vintage thread and all post in it for comparison.
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    My Three Cherry Epi SGs.

    The yellow stablemate is getting minis as well, filtertron style.
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    NGD - another SG! (Surprise surprise :0)

    It's technically a faded thread. near the bottom of the first page right now.
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    My Three Cherry Epi SGs.

    Thought I'd take a few pics of my three cherry SGs. One's a 1961 Special, one's a Vintage, and one's a 1989 G-400. First the 2011 50th anniversary special, with mini humbuckers replacing the P-90s: Note the scarf joint is right up where the neck and head join on this one: Nice stripy...

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