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    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    I bought the Standard 61 earlier this year and I cannot say enough good things about this guitar. Its light, great slim taper neck, pickups sound amazing just a fun guitar to play. I had gone around for months trying out different guitars including many SG's. As soon as I played this one I knew...
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard '61 Demo Shop Mod

    Nice guitar but knobs need to be changed and don;t love the pickup selector switch ring thing whatever its called.
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    Which SG should I buy? (suggestions please!)

    You do not need to spend $6500 to find a great guitar. I have been playing for 50+ years and own 2 SG's. One is a 1969 I bought new as a kid and a new 61 Standard reissue this year for $1700. Both are fantastic guitars. Focus less on price and go around and play a bunch. Trust me they will all...
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    Equalizer vs new pickups: what say you?

    Very different in my mind what an equalizer will do for you and what different pickups will do
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    NGD with questions

    Kluson Revolutions are perfect. I put a set in my 61 Standard.
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    BURSTBUCKER 2 or 3 or '61R ?

    I have a new SG Standard 61 and the 61 R's are great
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Its a 2021
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Yes it has the 61 R/T's. They sound great clean and pushed.
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Another update after a few months of using this guitar at home, rehearsals and gigs. I could not have made a better choice. This guitar is just such a pleasure to play, sounds amazing, light to hold and so many other things. The upgrade to the Kluson Revolutions has been a big plus. This is...
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    Its an amazing guitar that has been my mainstay since I bought it. Thousands of gigs over 52 years and it shows its wear. Not a guitar that was kept under the bed and never played. It sounds very different than my new 61 Standard SG but then everything about it is different. It even weighs...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    This was the post I made from the Gibson 61 Standard I ended up buying. The only change I made was upgrading to the Kluson Revolutions because the Gibson Deluxes it came with were pretty bad. Great guitar. Light, set up great, nice pickups, beautiful Gibson case and GC gave me a great deal. I...
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    Thinking of getting a second SG

    Thank you. I lucked out and got an incredible 61 Standard reissue. Amazing sound and action and maybe 6 pounds. Fun guitar to play. I have done a few rehearsals and gigs with it and its a keeper. The only change I made was to change out the Gibson Deluxe tuners to Klusons which was a huge...
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    SG69 by sgguitarzz posted Jul 2, 2021 at 4:46 PM This is my 1969 SG that I bought new in 1969 at the age of 15 and still use. There isn't much original left but the wood lol. I have changed out the tuners to Schallers, the pickups to Dimarzio Super Distortions, Badass bridge, added a preamp...
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    Gibson SG Standard 61 Tuners

    Just to update I had my new SG 61 Standard upgraded to the Kluson Revolutions in addition to a setup. The difference is night and day compared to with the Gibson Deluxes. Holds tuning way better and much more precise. Well worth the money and highly recommended.
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    Gibson SG Standard 61 Tuners

    Interesting video

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