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    Inlay issue

    I agree 100%
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    Inlay issue

    Yes someone sent me this video
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    Inlay issue

    I just checked and it looks like it should be covered
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    Inlay issue

    Thanks I will probably just send it to my tech and have him do it right. I would be surprised if it would stil be under warranty
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    Inlay issue

    I am playing some 55+ years now. About 2 years ago I bought a Gibson SG 61 reissue. Very nice guitar. The other day I picked it up to play and one of the inlays somehow has risen slight above the fretboard where you can play but you can feel it. I am not sure what if anything can be done. I have...
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    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    I bought the Standard 61 earlier this year and I cannot say enough good things about this guitar. Its light, great slim taper neck, pickups sound amazing just a fun guitar to play. I had gone around for months trying out different guitars including many SG's. As soon as I played this one I knew...
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard '61 Demo Shop Mod

    Nice guitar but knobs need to be changed and don;t love the pickup selector switch ring thing whatever its called.
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    Which SG should I buy? (suggestions please!)

    You do not need to spend $6500 to find a great guitar. I have been playing for 50+ years and own 2 SG's. One is a 1969 I bought new as a kid and a new 61 Standard reissue this year for $1700. Both are fantastic guitars. Focus less on price and go around and play a bunch. Trust me they will all...
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    Equalizer vs new pickups: what say you?

    Very different in my mind what an equalizer will do for you and what different pickups will do
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    NGD with questions

    Kluson Revolutions are perfect. I put a set in my 61 Standard.
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    BURSTBUCKER 2 or 3 or '61R ?

    I have a new SG Standard 61 and the 61 R's are great
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Its a 2021
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Yes it has the 61 R/T's. They sound great clean and pushed.
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    NGD - Gibson SG Standard 61

    Another update after a few months of using this guitar at home, rehearsals and gigs. I could not have made a better choice. This guitar is just such a pleasure to play, sounds amazing, light to hold and so many other things. The upgrade to the Kluson Revolutions has been a big plus. This is...
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    Its an amazing guitar that has been my mainstay since I bought it. Thousands of gigs over 52 years and it shows its wear. Not a guitar that was kept under the bed and never played. It sounds very different than my new 61 Standard SG but then everything about it is different. It even weighs...