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    NGD: Epi SG Custom Ebony

    I say do it. The plek was expensive but the way this things plays is just phenomenal so I shouldn’t complain. Shane
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    NGD: Epi SG Custom Ebony

    Straight to the point…it’s awesome! Quality is amazing. Sounds amazing, it’s higher output than my Gibson SG Standard T with the ‘57 classics. I had it plek’d from sweetwater and the action set to 4/64-3/64. I own a number of guitars but the last 3 epi customs I bought have been stellar so I’m...
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    Tuner question

    Yeah I don't think it would make any difference in stability if everything was functioning properly. I have had issues with Epiphones where the holes were not clean and it wasn't allowing the tuner to function smoothly. Maybe the tuner material(brass or aluminum) might effect tone or sustain...
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    Yamaha Revstar + Yamaha THR10C + noodles, brainless noodles

    been playing on a THR10(cream one) since 2018. It was all I used for a year or 2 until I started really getting back into guitar. Great little amps! I also use it when I buy guitars/gear off craigslist or something. Throw some batteries in so I can test guitars or pedals..etc. I have a bunch of...
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    WTS:2011 SG Custom VOS

    Ebay Ad 2011 Gibson SG Standard Custom Shop VOS V.O.S. | eBay
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    WTS:2011 SG Custom VOS

    daily bump!!
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    WTS:2011 SG Custom VOS

    Hey Guys, I'm a new register but have lurked for a while and received a lot of good info here. I mostly hang out at mylespaul with the same screen name. I've had a major set back and I need some money so I have decided to let go of my newest child. I purchased this guitar new in December from...

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