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    Zebra or Nickel.??

    that's because the don't look all that great. and they attract dust, dirt. and covers looks cleaner and nicer.
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    SGJ + Pickguard

    drill baby drill... small guard ftw.
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    Half decent pictures

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    So...does this bother anyone?

    real inlays would look nicer.
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    Tone Vampires

    less is less issues.
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    Half decent pictures

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    Half decent pictures

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    looks nice. the pickguard screws still look huge, are they countersunk? it's ok to leave the adjustment screws chrome imo.
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    Pickup covers

    once again the Colonel speaks the truth. i hesitated to put chrome covers on my '82 Norlin because i've done it before on another similar guitar and it did change the sound. but i figured out i could eq it back, and it did after some dialing in. before: after: they're just pressed in, no...
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    Wich model SG do i have?

    looks legit to me, judging by body contours, knob placement and tailpiece holes.
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    The SG.... your fav Gibson?

    yes it is. it's my only gibson. my current axe is my 4th SG.
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    my HT-1R handles my M5 perfectly. i'm even using the 5-band EQ to expand the tonal range of my other pedals.
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    My guitar teacher said that the SG is probably Gibson's thinnest sounding guitar that

    all these My Little Pony guys sound the same.
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    Ripe for Restoration?...or Righteous Relic ?!!

    that is the sex.

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