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    Gibson SG Government Series

    I will comply also. However, in light of the horrible, tragic events that happened in Boston today, I doubt there will be any need to. It is a different world. (As food for thought though, one might wonder whether Gandhi would end up in a "locked down thread" of some kind, on some website...
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    Replacement wrap around bridge

    I think anyone with a wraparound bridge would benefit from those tonepros locking studs. They really do make a world of difference. For me, it's funny because the old Badass bridges still look the best to my eye. I know they make fancier bridges now, guess my brain has been trained since...
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    Gibson SG Government Series

    I guess the principles of passive resistance, which the historical "peaceful libs" of the last century would have used, are to provoke an aggressor into overt violence via various techniques and strategies. Then, the aggressor looks bad, while their supposedly peaceful opponents look good, or...
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    I just might ditch the vintage klusons on my classic.

    I did a couple practice nuts, many years ago, with the old Graph Tech trem-nuts. Found that I had some issues with a different kind of chipping while filing down, guess being careful is always good advice. Here's the poorest looking example (this nut actually worked fine when neck mounted...just...
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    Photo's of Tony Iommi with the Monkey SG

    That really is incredible, congratulations. I was reading through some of the older threads as it predates when I registered here, very cool. :applause:Hope that Lou can still practice his craft, must be incredible to build a guitar from scratch and get the recognition from someone like Tony Iommi.
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    NGD 2013 SG Standard lefty

    I think the 8th set of 1/1024th notes in bar 192 were my favorite... :)
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    Angus Young Sig or SG Standard

    The Angus SG has a 1 9/16" nut, which might feel a little cramped if you're used to the 1 11/16" nut that comes on most current Gibsons.
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    Half-face or batwing pickguard?

    Yeah I guess there are multiple issues with the idea of pickups "floating". I was thinking of that recent thread on this site: My old, '69 SG Standard (batwing guard) had pickups with no...
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    Yet another string rediscovery

    This is an interesting question, the answer for which doesn't seem to be readily available. I've heard that quote about "a few companies" for many years, but trying to point to a reliable online source is difficult. One source required reaching back to the old Internet (as in USENET), where...
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    Half-face or batwing pickguard?

    I thought I liked the smaller pickguard SG more, as opposed to the full-sized batwing pickguard. Guess I like them both though, the only problem is that when you have the pup covers off on a full size guard SG, the pickups don't float as well. I used to have a few theories about the smaller...
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    Yet another string rediscovery

    I've been using D'Addario 9's (EXL120) for a very long time, I pick them up in packs of 10 when they seem to be on sale, they typically come to less than $30. My latest bunch were around $27 or $28 based on the GC sale. I believe that most guitar strings are mass produced in a small number of...
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    Hidden hand

    Nah, he's just the asst guitar tech :laugh2::laugh2::laugh2: He's actually a lot better than he used to be cause he's 12, I used to have to always shut the door...
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    Geez at that price, you have to pay shipping ?

    I'm not sure why a working, top-tier (read: rich) touring musician doesn't pick this guitar up. The guitar is famous in its own right.
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    Hidden hand

    If he had said "music and cats and guitars", he might have explained my life. Probably books too, but I've been on an anti-intellectual kick for quite a few years. This pic is a few months old, but here's what my dogcat Buddy does when I change strings, and turn my back for a few minutes. No...
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    Bridge post too long?

    Yeah, nitro finishes tend to suck things up, guess there are pluses and minuses. I know it's off-topic to OP but am becoming a convert to this Virtuoso stuff (both the cleaner and polish, 2 products). It's pricey, and a different beast when compared to regular polish, but it really seems to...

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