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    New Epiphone 1961 Special

    Damn... pop in some Gibson P90s and that would be a sweet cheap axe...
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    Well, this is a first — a split/reversed SG!

    It might look good painted, but of course it doesn't now.
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    Calling All Epi SG Junior Owners!!!

    Never seen that before... looks like somebody copied a lot of the EpiWiki's info before it closed down. Anybody know how long this "EpiphoneWiki" has been around or the story behind it?
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    Calling All Epi SG Junior Owners!!!

    Too bad the EpiWiki is gone now, I think we had some basic info on the G400 Jr.
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    School of Rock SG

    Always loved late '60s SGs the most, and the one in that movie was a beauty.
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    The first one always hurts...

    I feel like a puss when I see Angus Young jumping off amps and falling on the floor with his SG. Really though, what's the worst that could happen? Most damage can be fixed.
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    Elitist or not?

    No worry, it was nothing special. As I said, an '89 Korean made. They show up every once in a while for around that price.
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    Elitist or not?

    I just realized it has a bound neck and trapezoid inlays, which the 1989 G-400 didn't have, but the HS is undoubtedly that same one. I would guess he had the neck bound and the inlays added. It's definitely not an Elitist, that much I can say for sure.
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    Elitist or not?

    It's a 1989 model. For 1989 (and possibly 1990 too but I have no proof), the LP and G-400 had the open-book headstock (slightly altered). I have the 1989 Epiphone Catalog to prove it but I don't feel like finding the scans I took, lol.
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    Just purchached Brand new SG Standard

    Mmmmm, battered SG. Anyway, no particular year is considered better than any other, Gibsons tend to be a mixed batch every year, so you just have to find one you think plays well.
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    SG Classic Faded

    If there's one thing Gibson got right in the '70s, it was Walnut finishes. I wish they'd bring back the Walnut finish as an option on some SGs...
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    My GOLD Raw Power and old

    I like Maple necks. They seem to keep tune better, which is great on an SG.
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    The "O-G's"

    I would like a black '70s SG some day. They look cool to me for some reason.
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    50th Anniversary SG Standard 24

    Really? Saying not to listen to somebody is crossing the line? [ ADMIN NOTE: It's borderline personal. Please re-read the the R & R regarding the forum. ]
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    The "O-G's"

    No problem, haha.

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