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    My Burny SG copy, 2010 update

    Kinda looks like Pelham blue with a bit of pearl. :Droolin:
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    NGD: 2002 Gibson SG faded with crescent moons/ebony board + questions

    The rumour is that Gibson had to stop selling the moon inlay SG because PRS had the trademark. I think they were $549.99 new - not positive.
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    Custom 3 pu for UNDER $200!!!

    Even KinkFloyd would change pickups in one o'those... :funny:
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    Question on fixing stractched headstock?

    It sucks but I would probably just roll with it if I was gonna keep it. Fix it if you like but if you play out the knick will probably have friends sooner or later.
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    SG Supremes, show 'em off

    Sound better? Maybe - maybe not. They are made better (better detail) and have an ebony fretboard and 24 frets and the pimp paint job though and they come with a nice case. Just depends on what you want. If you want a high end SG without the Custom's weird wiring and third pickup the Supreme...
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    I'd have to see them in person. Some copies look good online and in person are terrible. The Balswin SG is like that.
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    Craig's list again!

    Googled it.
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    SG Celebrity

    Go ahead and let's see how wrong you are. Oh's a dolled up Special! ;D With only 4 distinct models everything else is dolled up from the lower models if you wanna say it that way.
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    OEM PUPS vs aftermarket

    ^^Especially since said user seems to only post in the pickups section. I'd better be quiet. I might get a diatribe on learning to play before I change me strings! :P
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    1970's SG Identification

    It's a factory second with a headstock repair and a broken pot/ possible missing knob. $500.00 would be a good sale for you. If it were mine I'd sell the case seperate since it's not original to the era and you'd probably get more for it seperately. Hope this helps.
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    Brad Paisley Sig J45 Interesting guitar. Mid-late '60s body with a '40s Banner headstock. Of interest on that link is video with Paisley talking about the music business and answering questions about the sig...
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    No comparisons should be made with other countries on their socialized medicine plans either.
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    SG Celebrity

    Ouch...$4299.00 for a dolled up Standard?
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    Gibson Les Paul Junior

    Might be a good way to get into a Gibson out of an Epi. The Gibby could be traded for the one you want if needed.
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    What model and year is my SG?

    Looks like a 1973-ish SG Special with optional Bigsby vibrato. Pot codes will give the closest idea of when it was made. Look for a number 137-##-##. These numbers will translate to 137-YY-WW. It is usually accepted that the guitar would have been...

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