2017 I didn't feel right in anyway. Yes Cancer hit me behind my tounge, in my throat. I have fighting since then. I cant taste food at all still. I live with a feeding tube out of my stomach, and all the pain from cancer damage from the top of my skull to my neck, to my shoulder and my chest all the right side. Its a 24/7 pain that wont stop. I had to stop working in 2017 cause of it. in the meantime i was going thru prostate problems that made me wear a tube also so i could peel.. that went on for about 8 months or longer, while i was goin thru chemo an had a 2port piece inside my chest..So i have been fighting all this time. Cant sleep normal of talk normal..or like i said enjoy any food or drink. im sore all the time I have shortness of breath which causes me to be dishy and tired. I could see and hear and smell great. I write this to tell all of you im sure lots of you out there have lots of problems..but if you have you health..look up and tell Jesus thank you oh Lord t..y. so much..for the greatest gift i could ever have..please smile and know how lucky you are. I would give anything to be able to taste again. I love food so its my hell. for goin on 2 years. Please be happy you have your In health and I'm so happy for all of you. How I wish I was like you. The way I used to be..
I need a miracle it seems..but I dont give up as mad as I get and curse about it. Cause when I do that, Im really finished in everyday. If anyone can see this God Bless you.
Jul 7, 1956 (Age: 65)


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