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    Any Rivera owners here?

    :cheers:Yeah, welcome to ETSG!
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    Introduction here, Snagged this from an Estate sale

    I’m firmly in the “adds character” camp re: that gold tuner. Nice score with a case. Congrats! I liked my crescent moons so much, I went and found a Flying V of the same vintage, and sporting the same fretboard. Best of luck! Enjoy!
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    1988 Gibson SG Standard?????

    Believe it or not, that was the first thing I thought of when I read your post.:D
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    RS Guitarworks electronics upgrade (video A/B compare)

    W O W. That went well. Welcome to the forum @Visual Guy .
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    NGD!!! Vintage Burst SG Standard Limited

    Excellent looking guitar! Congrats! I've had a baked maple board equipped SG since I picked it up new in 2012. It's still a favorite...right up there with ebony, to my hand. It plays like butter, and that's what matters most to me. I do not subscribe to the thought that the fretboard of a guitar...
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    P-90 equipped SG, what to look for?

    That immediately brought this to mind:
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    I did know know that . . .

    He didn't look very grim for that performance though:cheers:
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    Pickup Conundrum

    The Gibson mounting plates for the p90s should have holes toward the ends for the mini humbucker mounts. The p90s use the two holes closer to the middle. They use the same plates for both pickup types. Not my pic, but I have plates like that in my p90 Gibson.
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    Reverend Guitars: SG-ish models. Anybody try one?

    I played a 2xP90 version. It played well. Fit and finish were excellent. It had great fretwork. No bigsby on the one I tried. It just wasn't as physically comfortable as an SG for me, it wasn't bad though, and the asking price happened to be the same as I had paid for one of my SGs new. I wasn't...
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    Bridge PickUp Upgrade

    I have a 2002 SG faded, and a matching V. I bought both as empty husks, and filled them out the way that I thought would suit me. The SG was purchased first, and I figured that I'd go with a "good Gibson" pickup. At the time the 57s were getting raved about, and even though I had been enjoying...
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    Vibrato for 2017 sg?

    I put a Stetsbar on one of my SGs. It isn't pretty to some people, but it works well enough that I put another on my V. Locking tuners, and a little lubrication of the nut at string changes keep it working well enough for me. No irreversible mod's necessary.
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    Fake SG Special help

    You never know these could have been a Stratosphere husk(genuine Gibson body and neck sold naked) that someone bought, and finished to their liking. I've done SG, and one V...purchased at a similar place. I've equipped them to my liking. If I was to sell them without...
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    Cracked/Broken Headstock

    That's the image that comes to mind when I read something in all caps.
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    GFS Alinco II PAF's

    Burstbucker pros are potted. I like them in Les Paul style guitars...including my all mahogany studio faded(that's the closest thing to an SG that I have them in, and that isn't very close to an SG really, so...). I only have one hum-bucker loaded SG, and it has 57s in it. Seeing your other...
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    Wav's Custom SG Shaped Build Part Duex

    Dayum!!! That backside looks crazy good!:dude:

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