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    SG with side output jack? What is it?

    I believe '90-'92 SG Standards had side input jacks.
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    Derek Trucks Vibrola unit?

    The '70 Standard when I bought it had a trapeze tailpiece mostly hidden under the frame of the Lyre cover. The plate on the trapeze with the diamond shape embossed positions over the curled part at the top of the Lyre's frame where the string holder bar/ vibrato arm would go and the frame of the...
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    The Shortest Full Album of All Time...

    Cheech and Chong's "Up In Smoke" had rolling papers inside the foldout sleeve. I can't find any info but there was a Black Sabbath sleeve from the '70s that had a foldout section that was an inverted cross when you read the song info.
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    Adele-Rumor Has It (Live)

    White '72 SG Deluxe in vid: Adele - Rumor Has It (Live) Itunes Festival 2011 HD - YouTube
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    New Sheriff in town?

    I sold the Mustang last year. Looks like fun to be had with the Mach 1!
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    Marshall refrigerator

    The absolute highlight of the Frankfurt Music Fair: Marshall refrigerator for your beer!
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    Cheryl Crow -Walk Away

    SG content! Not a bad cover BTW. Sheryl Crow - "Walk Away" (James Gang) live 2002 - stereo - YouTube
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    New Sheriff in town?

    Doin good here.
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    early 60s gibson jr?

    I agree verbatim with Kevin James.
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    1970 Gibson SG

    The ebay guitar pics are of Cherry that has faded out and the clear has yellowed. I had a '70 standard for many years that looked the same. Walnut guitars are very dark.
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    Mauled SG Pictorial Thread

    I wish you guys would post pics of guitars that are on an eBay auction so we can look at them after the auction ends.
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    Jim Irsay collection to be shown at the Indiana State Museum.,0,69271.column Elvis, George Harrison, & Jerry Garcia guitar owner. I might hafta go down there and take some pics!
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    for the classic muscle car fans

    Yeah I've actually done some more stuff to it since the pics. It's a '66 and built like a tank. I'll probably use it to putt down to the town square where the old cars and some bikes meet during the summer. Even the diehard Harley guys dig vintage Hondas - most likely because that's what they...
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    for the classic muscle car fans

    That's actually what mine is. Technically it's a CA95 Benley and the bigger bikes (305) are actually Dreams but they look similar.
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    I won this Vintage SG Custom on ebay - Doh!

    A pic of the heel joint would be good. If any of the pots are original the codes would be a better indicator of build date. As an aside, White SG Customs from that era seem to be much rarer than the natural-finished ones. Unless it was being sold to a Hard Rock Cafe I would restore it back to...

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