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    bridge issues 61RI

    I’ve been using Elixir Nanoweb 10-46 strings for years now: smooth feel, sound great, last ages and no grey fingers!
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    NSGD - Custom Shop 1963 Special

    TV white? Very nice! I saw a couple of M2M TV Yellow one’s but wasn’t sure … TV White would’ve worked, though … but I held out for somewhere that had the classic Cherry in stock and very pleased that I did.
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    NSGD - Custom Shop 1963 Special

    At first I was prepared to be disappointed as I kinda like the brown lifton-style cases but, I have to agree with you, this black/yellow case is really nice.
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    NSGD - Custom Shop 1963 Special

    Picked up a USA Junior a few months back and been absolutely loving the sound and getting on okay with the relatively slim neck: to be fair, it's a great neck and not as slim as most slim-taper necks I've played in the past. BUT! Had a hankering for something a bit more special (pun intended!)...
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    Ultimate Gibson SG - Does it exist?

    I am 90% sure that is one of my old SGs … :dude:
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    Thanks for the info guys ... there’s not a ton of vintage SGs about on Reverb in the UK so kinda hard to gauge what the “going rate” is ... in any event, I’ve decided to give it a miss, anyway.
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    H Ha ha - yes, more guitars is *always* the answer!! I have very much decided to give this one a miss and keep hold of my 335 ... was playing it earlier tonight, in fact! It’s a surprisingly bright guitar but I’ve whacked some 11s on for a bit more “beef” and it’s sounding great. I do...
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    Well - I had a brief check around on Reverb and there’s a practically mint looking 68 Special for £500 less, a 63 Junior for a bit less again and then some decent looking standards for maybe 5-6K … so I’m not sure they’re crazy on the price … but, yeh, even if I got it checked I think the body...
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    Cheers Cheers, dude - appreciate the advice!
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    Ooh - that Special is really nice! Asking price for the one I’m considering is just over 4,300 British Pounds and, yes, it would have to absolutely blow me away for me to go for it … the main reason I haven’t asked to play it yet is just in case it does!!!
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    Potential First Vintage Guitar | 1967 SG

    So ... my local store has a (circa) 1967 Gibson SG for sale. I've seen it in person in the shop but not had it down for a close look or to play it but I'm considering taking it for a "spin" to see if I might want to go for it. That would involve selling / part-ex'ing my CS ES-335, though...
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    Which Gibson “Original” SG should I be looking at?

    I had one of the Original Collection SGs with the Maestro. There were two “downsides” from my perspective - though they weren’t “dealbreakers” in that I still really liked the guitar: 1. Neck profile was only just chunky enough for my liking ... very close to “too thin” ... but that’s for...
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    Need advice about a CME Exclusive SG Standard w/ T-Type pickups

    Given the “rarity” of the pickups in that guitar, I would personally swap them out for alternatives and then keep hold of them: (1) in case you ever want to sell the guitar in future and (2) you never know if the pickups themselves might become valuable if Gibson don’t put them in anything else?
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    Is this how to do it ?

    Nah, those holes in the back of the bridge are only for when using a Bigsby instead of the standard stoptail ... :rofl:
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    Can Focusrite 4i4 power requirement of 900mA run on Macbook Pro 2012?

    Hmmm ... check the USB Specifications section on this Apple support page: If your MacBook is the same spec as the one I linked in my previous post, it has USB 3 at up to 5Gbps - which is USB 3.1 Gen 1 according to this link and DOES support up to 900mA.

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