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    I’m Thinking About Getting Another SG!

    I’d get an epiphone for a project SG except I really prefer the rounded profile and none of them have it. Otherwise they seem stellar.
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    What pickups are in Your SG? looking for opinions.

    I have a standard and it’s got the usual 490/498 combo but I ended up swapping their magnets. I think it added clarity to the neck and a less hot bridge. I mostly did it because when I play with modelers the bridge always seemed to easy overdrive and compress more than I wanted. It was a good move!
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    Which SG should I buy? (suggestions please!)

    I’ve been very slowly acquiring higher end guitars to fill out my personal collection and still my 2009 SG standard is my favorite. QC has seemed to improve on production models but still I think you’re best served being a pest at shops and playing as any as possible. I also would recommend...
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    Thinking about going Kemper

    I have the newest generation of Line 6’s POD. It’s based on Helix and it’s quite good. I’ve ended up scaling back on my gear because of that.
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    SG Standard. New, Used, What Years?

    I have a 2009 ebony and it’s my #1. Pickups are probably the biggest difference based on year besides individual neck feel.
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    Which would you rather?

    I can’t decide. For me I’m looking at a P90 loaded SG (my #1 is a standard) and I’m not sure if it’s worth CS or not. Fun question
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    Do You Play Your SG Differently?

    My SG is home. I play other guitars differently but the SG is just me.
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    Versatile Combo

    I somehow missed some of these responses last year. Update: I oscillate between 90s SoCal punk for higher gain, gritty Reverend Horton Heat/stray cat rockabilly, and even Bakersfield country. I took the basic advice of sticking with the 490/498 combo and tweaking amp along with volume/tone...
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    I just snagged one in black as well. It’s a fine guitar and different from my others!
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    2018 SG Custom Shop Pilot run serial number 008

    Because my standard has the creme binding every time I see white it looks off to me.
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    Amp Recommendations?

    I repeatedly spelled Peavey wrong. Nice.
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    Amp Recommendations?

    I’ve got a Peavy Classic 50 that does great clean with a solid crunch channel. USA made and reasonable price. You sound pretty set but for any other potential SG players in need of a tube amp: don’t overlook used Peavy
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    Whats up with the rediculous new cases instead of the hardshell?

    I suppose it’s the principle that’s bothersome. Gibson considers itself a premium brand but cut down on hard shell equipped guitars.
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    Versatile Combo

    I have a 2009 Gibson SG standard. It’s all stock and no matter what other guitar I own/play the SG feels like home. I have the 490r/498t combo in along with the PCB. Great for higher gain in my opinion but a little bland on cleans. The 498 certainly overdrives easy. For fun I’m going to throw...