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    Can of Worms

    It looks like sh!t because it's not opaque, not grainfilled, doesn't have enough clearcoats and is completely flat with a weird pickguard shape but I can't say it bugs me and it will sound like any other guitar wit those pickups.
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    How to tell a copy

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    Best Pickups for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal, etc.

    As a METAL player I can tell you they're as good as any. You can fine tune the sound with pedals and your amp.
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    SG Menace.

    If it feels good, sounds good and makes you look good - take it.
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    What to check when buying a used SG?

    Indeed, I hate people who think that sending an email or writing on facebook is a good way of reaching you and I don't use that sh!t.. Just fckn call me. It's like the world nowadays thinks it's a good idea to write something on a piece of paper, throw it out the window and count on the fact...
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    What to check when buying a used SG?

    Bad form there on his part. Some people are the nervous type so perhaps suggest meeting in a store instead if he ever turns up again.
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    What to check when buying a used SG?

    And for gods sake make sure you check so it doesn't neck dive and we get yet another thread on that here...
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    Can of Worms

    Great news for the five or six people who love this...
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    SG Special - Help with Vibrola Installation
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    Can of Worms

    It don't matter one bit. No can, no worms.
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    Naughty Boy

    So what other guitar brand doesn't show their headstock, and if so, why?
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    Naughty Boy

    The ones on ebay didn't show the front and had the same shape. "Made in Usa"...
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    Help with Location for Short Flange Vibrola on an SG Special

    I don't believe I ever found anything when I looked for it. But you can pretty much sight it in by eye and approximation. Just put the comb somewhere where a tailpiece would have been.
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    Naughty Boy

    Looks like they are fake Gibsons (since none of them show the front of the open book headstock) so if that is your interest, I don't think this is the forum for you..

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